Looking for a 4Runner / Montero / Pathfinder. End of May

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#1 Sun, 05/21/2017 - 09:49

Looking for a 4Runner / Montero / Pathfinder. End of May

Hey guys,

I'm arriving in Santiago on the 24th of May and looking for a suitable overlanding SUV.


-2003 or newer

-up to 150.000km

-Chilean plated

-price depends on the car and mileage


Any offers will be appreciated :)

Sun, 05/21/2017 - 11:42

Pathfinder 4x4 – August 2017 - Chile

Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 (rooftop tent + bed inside car)

• Nissan Pathfinder 3.3l V6,AC, manual gearbox, year 2001
• About 230 000 km
• Around 13l/100km
• 4WD with reduction gearbox, Ironman rear springs, good for exploring those back roads
• Rooftop tent and bed inside the car (and all seats still in the car)
• Alarm, anti-smash & tinted windows
• Curtains (to keep your privacy)
• Fully equipped with cooking & camping gear
• Price 7000 USD

More details
• Spacious and comfortable rooftop tent with 140x230cm bed (1000 USD when new) sitting on nice Thule metal roof bars (340 USD)
• Dis-mountable bed structure in the car with a 140x190cm thick foam mattress, pillows and blankets
• Special anti-break window tinting (worth about 200 USD), so thieves have a hard life
• Curtains all around the car, so nobody can see inside when you park or sleep inside
• Anti-mosquito netting on the back windows, if you sleep you can wind down the windows without getting stung
• Ironman rear springs - lifts the back of the car, more secure with lots of weight and a big advantage when off-road
• New radio (with USB, AUX and Bluetooth :)
• 200 V power inverter and USB charger to charge your things like laptop, phone, camera, ….
• 12V Compressor + flat tire repair kit
• Two walkie-talkies (nice if you travel with other people)
• Everything to cook a five-star meal: Two burner Coleman stove with 3kg refillable propane tank (last few weeks!). Cooking set (pots, pans, cups, and cutlery). Moka pot (…perfect if you love coffee). Coolbox.
• Plastic containers for storage
• Two camping chairs
• Big lockable box on the roof with some basic tools (spares, screwdrivers, saw)
• 20L jerry can on the roof – a must have for Bolivia and always a good idea
• All the necessary safety equipment for the SA countries (incl. fire extinguisher, metal tow rod, sheet to cover the body)
• Three sets of keys and two sets of alarm remote control

Maintenance of the car
• Regular oil and filter changes with full synthetic oil (last time in April 2017)
• New wipers (March 2017)
• Nearly new Ironman rear springs (December 2016, 350 USD)
• All the bushings have been replaced (December 2016) – rides nice and quiet
• All the belts have been changed (at 170 000 km) (just to be sure)
• Nearly new Panasonic Battery (September 2016)
• Brake pads have been changed (March 2017) and discs have been straightened (August 2016)
• Full service of the car (March 2017)

To buy a car in Chile is super easy. All you need is a RUT (can be done in no time in Vina del Mar). Other than that, we have all the papers ready : Technica (valid until August 2017; the last one has been done in March 2017), permiso de circulación (valid until March 2018) and chilean insurance (valid until March 2018).

Interested? Questions? Then, write us: [email protected]