Lower price*FOR SALE* VW Westfalia Campervan 1983 - BUENOS AIRES, Argentina end August 2016 US$8000

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Lower price*FOR SALE* VW Westfalia Campervan 1983 - BUENOS AIRES, Argentina end August 2016 US$8000


1983 Volkswagon Vanagon Westfalia Campervan Type 3 (1.9L Fuel Injected & watercooled)

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In August 2016 we will be selling our motor home (Pepe). This is a large motor home with the ability to sleep four people, one bed in pop up tent roof and another convertible from sofa in living section.

Full original Westfalia camper version.
Pop-top roof with bed (with 2” memory foam mattress topper). There are three windows in canvas, two with fly screens. The canvas is original (30 years old) so is in a used condition with a few nicks and holes, which have been patched up, the canvas was re-waterproofed in Sept 2014, and will be redone in the next couple of months.  2 burner gas hob with fixed 16L gas bottle. Sink & Tap with water pump and 50L internal water tank.
Two swing tables, lots of cupboard storage space and both front seats swivel 180.
Leisure battery with solar panel & inverter to be able to charge laptops, tablets etc. these will both be replaced new in next few months also.
New JVC Stereo (with headphone jack) and front pioneer door speakers.
Original luggage shelf on roof above front seats.
Chassis is in excellent condition with no rust at all.

Priced to include;

- all bedding (inc double duvet and pillows)
- cooking pots (2) and pans (2), cutlery, plates, bowls, many utensils, chopping boards, knives, kettle, espresso coffee jug, large mixing bowl, washing up bowl, colander, glasses and mugs.
- Ice box (cooler)
- large water tank for storing potable water (30L).
- essentials for travelling on the road: tow rope, breakdown safety equipment needed for South America (orange triangle, reflective bibs), tools, spare tyre, spare petrol containers totalling 20litres, a couple of spare parts, two sets of jump leads and jack.
- 2 camping roll mats.
- Yakima roof-racks with foam for surfboards etc.
- additional Busdepot shade canvas tent that fits to the side.
- 2 external camping chairs & table.
- additional butane camping stove.
- any herbs, spices and seasonings we have left if you would want them!
- multiple bungee cords. 
- original user manual.
- Official factory repair manual - very rare and very useful for mechanics.

- New rechargeable second battery.

-Snow chains.

- two clothes storage units. - small electric heater (Chilean/European plug)

Vehicle is registered in California with Californian plates, currently in PNO status in USA. In terms of paperwork, the title can quickly be changed into your name (prior to your arrival if necessary to speed the process up) (Californian address needed - we used a friend!), then temporary import licence would be needed to put into your name (easy enough) and you would be set to head off and drive around South America! We can also help provide information for car insurance. We will be in Buenos Aires towards the end of August and know the drill so can walk you through all the details in order to get you on the road.

We (and to the best of knowledge the previous owners) have taken very good care of this motor home  but he is a 33 year old car so any buyer should be aware they are buying an older car. That said he is a very nice van to drive, driven by both me and my girlfriend very easily, feels like a car to manoeuvre. Has been reliable and steady to drive on paved and ripio roads. Not 4 wheeled drive but does have high ground clearance. Pepe's odometer stopped at 237K miles when he previous owners bought him in California, we now estimate that he has done around 280K miles.

This motor home is in excellent condition. Owned by a mechanic in California for a long time who had taken very good care of him (we have a pile if his receipts for work he did in the past 6 + years) and the previous owners to us also put considerable money (over $5,000 before & during the trip) into ensuring that he is in the best mechanical shape possible. He has had some additional maintenance work done along the way. All work we are aware of has been listed below:

Mechanical Work done prior to the trip;
Engine rebuilt by californian owner (roughly 100000 Miles ago) 1.9L Fuel Injected & watercooled
Transmission rebuilt in 2014. The full rebuild was done by German Transaxle in the US at a cost of $1,500 (we have full receipts of all the work).
Previous owners installed a new clutch and clutch slave cylinder at the same time.
Significant brake work including installing new brake booster & brake master cylinder ($800 for work and parts).
Replaced engine wiring harness.
Replaced Air Master Flow.

Mechanical Work done on the road:
Oil and oil filter changed every 5,000 Kms + air filter every 10,000 km.
New spark plugs April 2016.
All old hoses/pipes to and from the fuel tank replaced Nov 2014.
Switch installed to be able to turn radiator fan on when desired, which has been really helpful in hot cities or when in the mountains.
New brake seals for front discs Sept 2015.
Rear drum brakes shoes rebuilt Sept 2015 (braking is excellent now).
Seals on front steering struts replaced Sept 2015.
Alternator replaced May 2015.
Main Battery replaced Sept 2015.
Water pump replaced Aug 2015.
Fan belt replaced June 2016.
Fuel filter replaced June 2016.

Car is available for sale in Buenos Aires from mid to late August 2016 - want to sell before September.



For more information and photos email:

[email protected]
[email protected]

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