MID JAN 2012 - Looking for a VAN

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#1 Wed, 10/24/2012 - 15:04

MID JAN 2012 - Looking for a VAN

Hey guys,

I am searching for a wee little reliable Van I can call home whilst travelling South America. I will be in Argentina but am happy to discuss pick up in a different country. If you have or know of anything I may be interested shoot me an email at delacruz.sara at gmail.com!!

Look forward to hearing from you!



Fri, 02/15/2013 - 10:28

1995 Volkswagen Campervan For Sale - Open to Offers!!


Are you still looking to buy?

We have a beautiful Volkswagen 95 campervan all geared up for travelling which we are selling. We are in Santiago with it now and open to offers! Sadly our trip is nearly at its end. If you are still looking...where are you now?

We have been travelling around Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile in it for the last 5 months which has been brilliant! Here are pics and more information...

Please feel free to ask any questions about the camper if you are still in the market for one! :-)
Tom & Rachel