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Our overlander adventure is soon coming to a end, so our ´house´ is now up for sale. It is a awesome SUB/Jeep that goes absolutely everywhere and it consumes very little gas. Therefore it is much cheaper to drive around in compared to other camper vans. Also it can be converted back to a 5 seat car if needed. The rig is super practical as it is small and flexible. You can sleep in the car and thus save lots of money. We also slept inside the car in big cities without any problems, because the Mitsubishi montero is one of the most normal cars in South America and blends perfectly into the surroundings. We have driven the car everywhere! Straight through the jungles on bad/bumpy/slippery roads for several weeks, crossed 60cm deep rivers, offroaded up mountains and cruised around offroad in the deserts ( yep we are adrenaline yunkies..).
There is plenty of storage underneath the bed and if that is not enough we added a roof mounting for additional space. There is also a very good all-around touch screen sound system that has a USB port, and plays directly from your iphone/smart phone, which makes long hours in the car durable. In addition there is a sunroof, air-condition system and current converter power outlet in the back that is connected directly to the battery.

We bought the car in Chile September 2015 with 167 000km, and we estimate that it will be having 180 000 km at the time when it is being sold. 


• Brand: Mitsubishi
• Model: Montero Sport (extended version), 5 doors
• Year: 2007
• Mileage: 176 000km
• Color: Charcoal gray
• Engine: V6 3L
• Fuel: Gasoline
• Power: 160hp
4 gear automatic transmission( with L, 2, 3 and overdrive-off button
4x4 is optional( in 4L or 4H)
ABS and two air bags (driver + passenger)
Average consumption: 11 l / 100 km
• Modes: 2 wheel drive wheel or 4-wheel drive (differential lock optional)
• Radio station: SONY touch screen with CD / DVD player, USB port (works with Ipad / Iphone) and auxiliary.
• + : Air conditioning and electronic compass 

A tarp mounted to the side of the car (to eat quietly in the shade or shelter from rain)
Roof mounting made of iron
• Extra 25 litre tank for gasoline and a 20 litre tank for water
• Different tools(such as hammer, saw, screwdriver etc.)
• A set of straps and tighteners
• A current transformer 12V / 220V to charge computer and camera
• Storage boxes
• Dishware for two people, and cooking wear
• A gas stove with gas cartridge that can easily be found in all countries of South America
• Two chairs and a table
• A 15 L solar shower
• A mosquito net both for windows and the tailgate
• A fishing rod
• A tent for 2 persons (light for trekking)
Several Lonely Planet guides and a atlas map of Chile
Spare tire and different spare liquids
Spare oil filter and spare ventilation filter(no need for lots of spare parts as the car is literally one of the most common cars here)

We are very ´paranoid´ of that something is wrong with the car and have therefore done mechanical checks about every month (we do not want to get stuck somewhere in the wilderness). If something was wrong it got fixed right away. The oil and oil filter was changed every 5000km. Here are what we did:
The front tires was changed in May 2015 and the back tires in September 2015.
A new battery was installed October 2015 (has a two year guarantee from Chile).
The suspensions was changed in December 2015.
The rubbers on the suspension axes was changed October 2015.
The gas filter and ventilation filter was changed in November 2015.


The bed is 137x193cm. It is equipped with a madress, two pillows, a big european-style duvet, sheet and a extra polar blanket. There are black curtains on the windows to provide privacy when needed and nettings on the side to store some things(ex. extra clothes or water). The bed is designed to be slid together to retrieve the rear seats whenever needed.

We would like to sell the car in Chile, ideally in january (but also possible in December or February) 2016. We are open for discussion to when it comes to where and when the car is sold. Just let us know.

The car is registered in Chile. We will do a sale transfer at a notarial office in chile, and you will become proper owners of the car with all documents needed to travel wherever you want. The only thing you need is to get an temporial RUT(Chilean ID) in Chile. That takes about two hours to do in a registro civil. We will help you with that. 

$12 000 US or best offer. Bear in mind that a bare-bone camper-jeep in south-america would cost anything between $15 000 and $20 000.

You can view much more photos here 

Georg Michaelis
[email protected]
whatsapp: 0047 45881967

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I can't see the photos! Stupid Yahoo. Do you have another link?

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Uploaded more pcitures now

I have uploaded ome more pictures to the drivetheamericas post now :) Send me an email and i can send you more pictures!