Mobil-home Hyundai H100 to sell in Santiago beginning of april 2018, 7000 euros, 110000 km.

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Mobil-home Hyundai H100 to sell in Santiago beginning of april 2018, 7000 euros, 110000 km.

we are currently traveling in Chile and Argentina with a Casa rodante (mobil-home) bought in august 2017. We are thinking on reselling our small 4-wheeled house at about beginning of April 2018 in Santiago.
The van is a Hyundai H100, a 2.4 petrol engine from 1998. Actually it has 95'000 km, we estimate it will not be more than 110'000 km when we’ll sell it. We will have traveled through Chile and Argentina. Since we have it, this vehicle is reliable, no mechanical problems since we bought it, the services will be done regularly.
This vehicle is common in Chile, so parts are easily found.
Vehicle History:
Ambulance from 1998 to 2015, always the same small trip between Mejillones and Antofagasta, which explains the mileage. It was bought back in late 2015 and converted into a motor home by the owner. A couple of French bought it for a trip of several months before selling it to us.
This vehicle is practical, small but fitted out in such a way as to have the necessary space and comfort. It goes unnoticed and it's nice. We,  so far, had no problems camping wild in Chile and Argentina.
Mechanics (at the beginning of february 2018):
The engine will not have more than 110 000 KM
Drive belt changed to 48,000km (currently 95'000)
Brakes and gears revised at the end of 2015. Rear breaks rectified and new jaws in august 2017
New radiator in 2016
All oil changes, filter changes and bridge oil and gearbox check are carried out in a timely manner.
Spare wheel, krik, chains for snow
Belts (pump for power steering and alternator) changed to 80000 km.
Rear shocks changed and replacement of the universal joint (rear axle) in August 2017.
If there is a mechanical problem before the sale, we will repair / change.
Average consumption 10l / 100km.
The technical control will be done beginning of april 2018 for the sale.
Works perfectly.
The vehicle body is in good general estate, there are some minor rust spots and small bumps.

Kitchen 2 fires (in outside drawer)
Faucet 12v
Clean water 30 liters
Cooler and everything needed for cooking.
2 bottles of gas, a Chilean 5kg and an Argentinean 10 kg
Several storage spaces
4 large chest in the benches
Large convertible bed with pillows, sheets and duvet.
Shower 12v
2 cans 30 liters water
1 can of petrol 20 liters
2 chairs, table
Large partially condemned windows for more security, mosquito nets and curtains
Electricity :
40w solar panel
Auxiliary battery
Coupler for recharging auxiliary battery while driving
Converter 12v / 220v 500W
3 Lights 12v (all with low power LEDs) + 1 light 220v
12v water pump for faucet
Voltage indicator
USB charger and cigarette lighter
Outside socket 220v, circuit 220v (for camping for example)
All the papers are in order.
Reversing radar, various tools, steering wheel lock.
We will inform you about the steps to follow when buying a vehicle in Chile,
and of course discuss the trip.
Price: 7000 euros
For any questions [email protected] or by whatsapp +41 76 491 44 58
Hasta the vista!
Helene and Flo

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Fri, 02/16/2018 - 09:00

Hey! We would be very

Hey! We would be very interested in buying your car, is it still available?


Sat, 02/17/2018 - 03:00

oh and the email would be

oh and the email would be [email protected].