Motorhome 2003 FOR SALE in Chile

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Motorhome 2003 FOR SALE in Chile

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For sale motorhome in South America end of 2018, Chile.

And yes, it's time to think about the sale of our motorhome, our rolling house as the kids call it.

We bought this vehicle from an individual in British Columbia because we had not found our happiness in France and after experience we do not regret this choice because we had no difficulty in the paperwork related to the acquisition and he fits impeccably to our use. The propulsion makes it pass even in the muddy paths and in coasts with more than 20%, we have a space big enough not to step on us if we have to stay inside and we are autonomous until approximately 6 days in water, electricity. It is robust and reliable. This vehicle is known on the American continent, garages know this mechanics and it is easier to find spare parts if necessary (there is even here in Colombia the motorcraft oil recommended in the maintenance book). It is a vehicle that consumes more than European vehicles but is offset by the economy of a shipping, the low price of gas and a long life expectancy (just look at the classifieds to see the number ford 450 superduty with over 400,000 kms on the clock;). He is very quiet. We sell it a little with regret but it is to leave better. We will answer your questions with pleasure.

And a video presentation by Salome here:

Carrier characteristics

FORD f-E450 super duty V10 6.8 l Triton
Mileage: approximately 155,000 km at the time of sale
6 seater belts
Automatic box
Air conditioner
Reversing camera
Speed ​​regulator
Truck chassis
Twin wheels
Rear-wheel drive
The engine battery was changed in August 2017
Fuel tank 200 liters - consumption between 22l and 25 l / 100 kms
The rear shock absorbers were changed in August 2017. A suspension blade was rejuvenated to enhance the cell (13 in total on each side, the heavy!) And move more easily in rough roads.

Characteristics of the cell
Cell layout:

Brand Supreme Citation 2003
Solar panel
One cell battery (changed in October 2017)
Transformer 12v -110v 400w - 2 outlets
6 beds possible: 2 double beds and a convertible dinette
Double glazing, solar reflective
LED bulbs
Air conditioning cell
2 bowl sink
Fridge and freezer
3 gas burners
Gas oven
Propane heater
Water heater
Outdoor shower
Thermostatic ventilation
Large bunker under the bed with exterior and interior access, small side bunker for small equipment.
Clean water tank: 140 liters
Black water tank (no cassette to be emptied every 3 days): 93 liters (we were autonomous up to 12 days)
Gray water tank: 100 liters
The sanitation drain (gray and black water) is done with a hose.
Gas tank (propane) (no bottles): 29 kg about 1,5 months of use and rechargeable easily everywhere.
We leave all the kitchen equipment, bedding and do-it-yourself:

Pneumatic crack 8 tons
12 v compressor
Battery chuintes
30 liter gasoline can
22 liter water can
Radiator protection cloth
Weber gas barbecue that is connected directly to the cell, ultra convenient!
Table and 4 chairs
Large carpet
Sheets, sheets, pillows and pillowcases, blankets, polar plaids.
Cutlery, kitchen knives, pans, frying pan, plates, bowls, mugs, timbales, cutting boards.
12v vacuum cleaner
Extension cord and American power strip

Main Features
Class C

length: 7.30 meters (24 feet)
width: 2.50 meters
height: 2.85 meters

GVWR \ PNBV 6375 kg (GVWR)
About 5400 kg at the moment (in charge)

No need for heavyweight permits to drive it.

Registered in Canada province British Columbia. We have property transfer formalities in British Columbia. We know the formalities if you want plates from Chili and we help you.

We have all the maintenance invoices we have done and the history of the previous interview.

Price on request, [email protected]

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I sent you an email,        

I sent you an email,    



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Our truck is book ...

Our truck is book ...