Motorhome for sale. 1998 Ford F350, Tioga. Available in Peru/chile on May/June in

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Motorhome for sale. 1998 Ford F350, Tioga. Available in Peru/chile on May/June in

We sell our beautiful and homey RV after a big family trip through Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru for 20,000 usd$.
+ Ford F350 Tioga fleet wood.
+ 25'10 valves ,Year 1998.
+ Mileage is relatively low for the year - the first owner used it mainly as a house. now it stands on 40,000 mill and we intend to drive 4000 mills more.
+ American license plates from California
+ Automatic
+ Gasoline
+ Alarm system
+ Air conditioning and heating in the front seats
+ 6 new tires bought in Punta arenas (Chile)
+ 2 new batteries, bought a year ago
+ A new radio with a connection for mp3
(aux input)
+ excellent condition
The only problem we had was with the alternator and we renovated it.

Inside the RV :
+ Sleeping place for 6 people (dining table and bench become 2 double beds + big double bed above cab)
+ 4 drive belts behind for children
+ Refrigerator 12v dometic - 21 degrees and 4 degrees.
+ 3 Burners gas gril cook top
+ Big oven
+ Microwave
+ Dry shower (heater for hot water)
+ Toilet (very big and comfortable area)
+ Central heating and cooling system working on gas
+ 2 windows on the roof for good ventilation
+ Mosquitoes nets on all the windows
+ An entrance door with a net
+ A LOT of storage cabinets!
+ Good lighting in all spaces
+ The motorhome is fully kitted for 5 people - all kitchen tools, all bedding equipment (apart from heavy blankets) and more...

Outside the RV owning:
+ Big scrolling screen for shaded area
+ Veranda room - gives you extend living space outdoors with protection from insects( we ourselfs never used it but the previous owner did), quick and easy installation.
+ Roof rack with metal box
+ 2 spare Portable gas cylinder (Chilean and Argentine)
+ Outdoor folding table and two picnic mats.
+ Electricity connection for the RV in organized camping and transformer from american voltage to south american.
+ working tools and spare parts

We would rather sell it in peru around May/June but if needed we will come back to Santiago, Chile and sell it there.

For more details, pictures and films of the motorhome contact us through whatsapp or mail :
[email protected]
+972 54 979 8879
Elinor and Dagan