MUST SELL BY MAY 25 2016 DODGE RAM 2500 YEAR 2000, 147,000 miles, Valparaiso, Chile

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MUST SELL BY MAY 25 2016 DODGE RAM 2500 YEAR 2000, 147,000 miles, Valparaiso, Chile

After spending 8 months with this beautiful beast of a car, I am ready for the next trip in my journey. This time, I will be leaving Chile to return to my homeland (Australia) and then onwards to California (where the car comes from originally). I purchased the car off some good friends who traveled from Caliornia to Chile and I maintained it in great shape in Viña del Mar where I live and took it for a few months to the south of Chile. I happen to be a mechanical engineer so I have revised the car's condition frequently and drove responsibily. I am more than happy to show the car and take time to revise all of the parts with you. 
The car comes with high clearance, can manage on tough roads, AC, and is equipped with a living room/bed area to live on the road!  The car comes with a roof rack that I fabricated so it has more space than usual. You can definitely fit everything you need ontop of the car so you can ride comfortably on the inside. The ouside of the car is plain white but that helps to prevent robberies. A lot of money has been invested into making this the most comfortable and reliable van possible. The interior was built by great friends of mine. Ideal for surf trips.  It has a futon that can fit 4 people comfortably though I pull it out and use it as my bed mostly.  Two deep wooden draws have been built for storage. There is a second mattress that goes on top of that section if you are interested in it. The interior is wooden with insulation for both hot and cold climates

The car has been serviced regularly and the motor is increibly strong. 

List of items included with the car…

All Mechanical Equipment includes:

- Jump-starting kit, light, air-compressor, inverter, cigarette lighter, USB power supply.
- 2 Spare tires
- Jumper leads
-Hand Tools
-Cigarette Light Air Compressor
- Tire Puncture Repair Kit
- Fuse Repair Kit
- 2x Tow- Ropes
- 2 Heavy- Duty Jacks
- 22” Lug Wrench
- 2x Funnel (1x Long, 1x Short)
- 4 Spare Engine Hoses
- Cigarette Lighter Fuses
- Spare Car Fluids: Brake Fluid, Power Steering fluid, Coolant, Engine Oil.
- Spare Head and Tail lights
- Collapsible Shovel
- 2 Spare Car Keys

Camping and Living Equipment

- Gas Cooking Stove with spare gas cans
- Electrical cooking stove (120 Volt)
- Cooking equipment including pot, pan, strainer, utensils, plates, bowls, cups, containers etc.
- Solar Camp Shower
- Drinking water container with pump
- Cooler- Medium size
- Tarp and pegs
- Trash Bin
- 2 Storage Containers that fit neatly under the bed
- Cigarette lighter fan
- I-Phone 5 Charger/ Auxiliary Sound Plug-in

If you are interested please email: [email protected] and/or [email protected] 

Or you can call +56 9 82934715 My Name is Jai Hackl but the phone belongs to my good friend Diego Sagredo! 

We are now asking US $4500. Price is negotiable because my trip from Chile to Australia is May 25. The car's papers are from California and has a tourist visa in Chile that needs to be renewed every three months.