Need help to fix my roadtrip in central/south america

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#1 Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:32

Need help to fix my roadtrip in central/south america

Hi there,

Just joined this forum/website wich seems to be a really great place.

I just arrived in south america (Panama) with my wife. We have at least one year to visit central and south america.
Since we arrived in the middle: Panama, we can go all the way up to Mexico/take a boat to Colombia and or fly to any other country in south america and start our roadtrip in south america.

Iam actually trying to buy a car/van in Panama to go all the way up to Mexico but i checked some forums and it seems that first : driving trough the borders in central america is a pain in the ass and second that its impossible to sell your car in mexico.

So what iam wondering here is that: am i making the right choice by looking for a car in Panama to start by driving trough all central america or if i should start by looking for a car/van in south america wich seems to be way better for roadtrips and border crossing.
Plus: there are way more vehicules sold for roadtrippers in south america.

So any advise would be great.
I will do both: central and south america anyway but i just want to start by the easiest one (if there is an easiest one).

Thank you very much.