*NEW PRICE* Chevy HiTop Camper in Costa Rica/Nicaragua/Panama - ready for next adventure

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*NEW PRICE* Chevy HiTop Camper in Costa Rica/Nicaragua/Panama - ready for next adventure

**Updated posting with price drop - we are no longer driving it back up to Mexico in Jan, need to selasap in NOV**

With a heavy heart we are letting go of our 1982 G20 Chevy camper van, Bruce. We have travelled in him from San Francisco to Costa Rica starting in July and had such amazing adventures along the way. We're still in CR but our hope is that someone would want to continue the adventure in Bruce further down the coast or back up to the US.

Sale Price: $7,200 - negotiable (was $8,900)
We have all necessary paperwork to transfer the title over to its new owner using Washington state original title and bill of sale. The final transfer will need to be done on the Nicaraguan or Panama border (depending on which way you’re going) to make sure we cancel our current Costa Rica permit. 

What’s the van like?
Original late 70's interior, complete with shag carpet and cream quilted ceilings ☺ He has a fully working kitchenette with sink, running water, gas hobs and oven. Other bonuses are AC, good speakers with USB & CD player imports, working toilet, revolving captain's chairs for the most comfortable drive of your life, fold away dining table, plenty of storage space and you can stand up inside him (6ft - no problem). We are still amazed to see how good all the original furnishings are, it really is homey. Bruce will come with spare parts and camping equipment which you'll see in the list below. He has honestly been such a cool drive and never given us any problems. It has 117,xxx ORIGINAL miles and has been nurtured along the way, engine and transmission are concrete. It’s a strong oldskool van, we found it safe and durable in the different climates, and it won’t overheat like the VW combi’s. We’ll do a final deep clean inside and out to make sure you’ll have a tidy new home to move into.

Things that would be good to fix but not urgently necessary:
- New air filter – after driving on some of the dustiest of roads through CA we imagine the air filter we got replaced in June would need again replacing. I’ll do this in the next week.
- Engine tapping sound when going up hard incline in 3rd gear as it puts too much stress on the engine (solution is to drop out of automatic and down to 1st on uphills or release a little pressure on the accelerator) – This started happening last month and we’re currently researching it, its not caused us any problems or gas efficiency. Could be pinging, or a loose heat shield.
- Small crack in the bottom right of windshield from previous owner - The crack is not a hazard so we left it. Van is fine to drive.
- Bent section of rear bumper. Can be replaced but not an issue. We see it as added character. 

Here are all the features (Van bought for $7K in SanFran):
- 3 x burner stove with oven
- Fridge (propane & electric)
- Sink w/ water pump, drains straight outside
- 20 gallon water tank
- Portable toilet with leather cover
- Sine wave inverter with warrantied house battery (gets charged by the alternator)
- Captain chairs, passenger spins round
- CD player and good speakers system
- Heater (propane)
- Washington state certified external propane tank located underneath the van
- Kyocera battery reader
- LED interior lights
- A/C works great
- Power windows (drivers side is sometimes sticky)
- High ceiling (can stand up straight at 6')
- Futon bench seat/bed
- New table cut and oiled by myself that’s collapsible and stored in the rear
- Lots of storage space from cupboards and overhead shelf
- Has plug for RV parks and accessing external power
- Alarm for gas leak

Work we did before leaving California in July:
- Oiled and greased all the doors, hinges and moving components
- Deep cleaned the entire van with shampoo and steaming all upholstery
- Sealed any minor cracks along the hi-top drainage lip with sealent (its common to have some wear and tear from age so we made sure that no water would leak through)
- Cleaned and converted all surface rust spots with Correseal and repainted for protection

Work done at Mechanic in June @ 109K miles: (invoice & receipt available for $3K spent)
- Full 100K miles service and check up
- 4 brand new TLC heavy duty tires (these will easily get you 70K+ miles and we've only done 10K )
- New Valve covers
- New front radiator
- All new belts
- Brake pads replaced
- Replaced engine oil
- Replaced brake fluid
- Differential oil replacement
- All hoses replaced
- Air filter and water pump replaced
- Mechanic confirmed no issues with transmission
- Oil & filter changed 2K miles ago in Mexico (will be fine for another 3K)

The van comes with all the extras and spares needed (estimate $500 va\ue):
- 2 x Belts
- 1x spare tyre
- 5 x sets of different fuses
- 1 x Door handle
- Slider door parts from another Chevy
- 3L 50W oil (good for the hot climate)
- 3L Coolant
- 1L Transmission oil
- Road triangle
- Jump leads
- Fire extinguisher
- Tool box
- Jack
- Corroseal rust converter and primer
- Storage boxes
- Kitchen utensils and cooking equipment
- Mini hoover
- 2x camping chairs
- Windshield sun reflector

Please get in touch if you have any further questions or want to see more pics or want to organise a viewing. We need to sell him in November. Feel free to get in touch via messenger or email below:

WhatsApp: +1 (408) 242-0384
Email: [email protected]

We may be traveling to east coast of Costa Rica (Uvita etc) in case we’re in an area closer to you, let us know and we look forward to hearing from you.
Michel & Ella,
Pura Vida!

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 08:22


Hi travellers, quick update;

I've booked the van in to see the mechanic ZEV on Thursday 26th in Cobano. We'll be doing a full service and report to see if there are any issues. I'll keep this post updated with any news. 

Since it seems there isn't anyone able to buy the van from us before we leave at the end of November, we may be driving it back to Mexico in Jan/Feb where we'll look to sell it there. 


Michel & Ella & Bruce