Nissan xtrail 2009/ 1st travellers

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#1 Fri, 10/11/2019 - 16:31

Nissan xtrail 2009/ 1st travellers

3.700.000 CLP/ 5150$

Hi everyone!

Our car is a 2009 Nissan Xtrail 4WD with Chilean plates.

We are the second owner and first travelers.
We bought a car in June 2019.

The car has always been well maintained by its previous owner. He visited only Nissan garage while using it. We checked the car with mecanic before buying it. We did our best to keep it like that. We changed oil every 7000 and did a detailed checks up.
On August we changed break plates, fuel filter and put the winter liquid in a cooler.

As a mentioned before we were the first generation of backpackers. We built up the platform by ourselfs. The car is fully equiped with all essencial staff required to set off the roadtrip. It was our fourth travel car (after Japan , Australia and NZ). Based on our previous experience we managed to create a well thought house on wheels :)

It has 189000 on the clock.

Vehicle documents are up to date;
- Permission de circulation - March 2020
- SOAP (obligatory insurance) - March 2020
- Revision tecnica valid till end of October 2019

The car:

- 2,5l petrol, manual gearbox (powerful engine, no problem at high altitude up to 5000m, it started without problems at low temperatures.
- 4x4 works perfectly
-high clearance
-Average consumption 10l/100km
- Central locking
- Heating and AC works grear
- radio/CD/ system
- Adjustable elctric mirrors
- 3 entries 12V
- Original spare wheel and tools


- sleeping space 193x120 with cushions, sheets, blanket and plaid
- 4 boxes of 46litros and 2 small 10 litros , they fits perfectly under the platform
-foldable self made table
-two comfortable chairs
-5 litros gas bottle and two stove oven
-sun protector for front window
-well equiped kitchen ( I love cooking), e.i blender
-antitheft steerlock
-curtains made of water proof material, to keep it as discreet as possible
- 600 Amp Starter Cables
- Towing strapl

To sum up we are very happy to choose 4WD
The car is very relaliable and comfy. We hope some travellers will enjoy it as much as we did.

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me.
0048601758244 whatsapp

I speak spanish. I can sort out a RUT and all other formalities.