NOW with NEW price for SALE in SANTIAGO: Nissan X-Trail 2010, 143.000km

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#1 Wed, 06/12/2019 - 11:05

NOW with NEW price for SALE in SANTIAGO: Nissan X-Trail 2010, 143.000km

Hey there! :)

we are selling our beloved Nissan X-Trail 4x4, that was our home for the last 6 months!

Facts about the car:
2010, approx. 143.000km, 4x4, manual, gasoline, fuel consumption 9-10l/100km, all-terrain-tires, roof box for storage, radio&CD player with USB/Bluetooth, air conditioning, permiso de circulacion (road tax) until August 2019, revision tecnica (technical inspection) until January 2020, seguro obligatorio until March 2020

NEW price 5900€ ONO (also possible to pay in dollars / chilean pesos)

We bought the car from a Chilean family that mainly used it in the city and we were the third owners. For us it was the perfect car for travelling because we never had problems driving offroad/bad roads, it’s easily convertiable for sleeping/ driving, it has super good fuel consumption (9-10l/100km) and it is faster and more comfortable than a hippie van when on the road. In the 6 months while traveling we never had any issues with the car (except a broken windscreen that we got changed recently).

If you are not sure about the procedure of buying a car in Chile we can help you as we did the whole procedure in January ;) Crossing borders with the Chilean plated car was only once (to bolivia) a problem and we can give you a lot of advice what is helpful/ needed for crossing borders (e.g. declaracíon jurada).


2 chairs
gas cooker
2 boxes for storage
solar shower
2 jerrycans (each 10l)
mattress (1,10x1,85m) with pillow and bed sheets
curtains for the windows
mosquito net
oil lamp
Steering wheel lock
Spare tire, jack and jumper cable

And most important: List of top 10 places to visit in the following countries: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador ;-)

We took out the back seats to have more room for storage (we have them stored in Santiago in case you want them) and put in a hinged mattress (1,10x1,85m) for sleeping. During the day it’s possible to fold it together so there is room for sitting / backpacks.

If you have any questions or want to have a look and test drive just write us a message!
[email protected] or whatsapp: 004915777035194

Hanna and Max

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