Overandes (Chile) is a scam, beware (READ!)

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#1 Thu, 02/25/2021 - 18:46

Overandes (Chile) is a scam, beware (READ!)

I don't normally post bad comments , but this time I had to.  mostly so I can help other travelers to have their trip screwed up by these charlatans novices. 

This "bussiness" is run by a Chilean guy named "Juan Pablo Mac-Lean Mejías" and its based near valpariso in Chile.  Juan is claiming to be "helping travelers buy a car" and provides many service such as RUT and buying a car service as well as parking and van conversion.  

Problems started from the begining,  our RUT had a mistake in it  but we only discovered it AFTER buying the car already since the notary he brought us to didn't discover the mistake.  we were charged (quite a lot) before anything was done of course. 

Later on he sold us an old rusty van with extremely high mileage, promising us the car is long lasting and in a great mechanical condition.  thats of course wasn't true.   we asked him to make a few design changes in the van and he rushed to charge us a few thousand USD.   the carpentry work was amataur and with loose screws and wooden parts all over,  wood unpolished , ruff and no protective paint cover. 

barely 2000km driving away we already had a blown head gasket... 

we called juan but he didn't answer although showing online on whatsapp.   we were stuck in the middle of the road for a whole day.  and thats when his service mentions road assistance. 

when he finally answered he told us its our fault and he will not give us our money back nor help us get rid of the remains of the car...  

we had to do everything on our own which was a horrible experience. 

later on we met a few other travelers who also had similar experience with him.


im telling you , please be ware of this guy and don't work with him.