Price drop, For Sale: Hyundai H100 Motorhome, in Chile, NOW

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Price drop, For Sale: Hyundai H100 Motorhome, in Chile, NOW

For Sale: Hyundai H100 Motorhome, in Chile, now

FOR SALE, our CAMPER VAN. The camper has Chilean license plates and is available in Santiago and/or Valparaiso. We are familiar with the proces of registering the car in your name in case you are foreign to Chile and can point you in the right direction.
It is a Hyundai H100 2WD with a 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine, from 2007 with about 185000 km. Average fuel consumption; 7 km to the liter / 14 liter to 100 km.
The Hyundai has new chillian insurance and permiso de circulacion, both valid for another year. Its international insurance for Southamerican countries is valid until 15 July 2017. The camioneta is in great condition, it never let us down. In high altitudes it runs seamlessly as well.
On the back is a camper unit. We bought it separate from the car and put the two together. The camper unit - they told us - was used but seemed brand new. The height of the camper unit is 2.40 m, which makes it very spacious. The floor below is 2.65 x 2.10 m, apart from the bed section above the car's cabin. The camper unit has a bathroom/shower (0.70 x 0.75 m) with cold water and/or the possibility to use 20 liter shower bags. The kitchen is applied with a 2-stove gas cooker (a 11.9 liter gas bottle) and a sink with cold running water. There are connectors to fill the gas bottle in Argentinia and Chile (maybe they apply for other countries as weel, but we don't have the experience yet). There's a little tv set which also plays dvd's and a proper sized refridgerator which runs on 220 Volts. It has a separate 12 Volt battery, and a 12 -> 220 volt converter. The converter supplies power to the LED lights and to the refridgerator. When on a camping with power source you can skip the converter and use the power source directly, there are several connectors to fit local sockets. The battery is constantly charged by a set of 4 solar panels attached on the roof, but can also be charged by the car's alternator when driving. The camper is designed with 3 beds; a double bed (1.30 x 1.90 m for the matrass, + 0.20 m in length) in the section above the car's cabin, the dining table can be folded down to a bed (0.95 x 1.90 m), and above the dining table is an extra bed (60 x 1.90 m). There are several storage cabinets for food, liquids, luggage, tools and clothes. Finally the fresh water tank has a capacity of 60 liter.

The camper comes fully equipped:

Cutlery and utensils for 4 people: plates, wine glasses, long drink glasses, cereal bowls, ice cream bowls, 2 coffee mugs.
2 Pots, one pan
7 different sized plastic storage containers

Basic tools: Screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, hammer, saw, electrical multi meter, carjack, tire wrench, first aid kit, warning triangle, fire extinguisher, steering lock, battery charger, 2 20 liter containers for diesel or water.

Sleeping equipment:
matrasses, 2 new duvets, 3 camping matrasses, 4 pillows, 1 linnen set

Water and shower supplies:
3 shower bags, a small chemical toilet, a hose for filling the watertank, plastic container (used as washing machine)

2 small seats, broom, small entrance step, multiple storage pockets, camping light, kitchen towels, laundry line and clips

Asking price USD 11.250,-, or best offer.

Contact: [email protected]

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