Problems leaving Chili as foreigner with Chilean car.

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#1 Wed, 02/15/2017 - 08:10

Problems leaving Chili as foreigner with Chilean car.

We are 2 Belgians , bought and registered our car in Santiago in December and travelling around. Now recently we,ve got 2 times problems at the border leaving Chili. On the 30/01/2017 when we were heading to Ushuaia and on 13/02/2017 when we crossed in Cerro Castillo from Puerto natales to Calfate.

On both occasions the customs wouldn't give us permission to leave Chili. There must be a rule which say that foreigners who are not registered as residents are not allowed to leave the country with their car. A domicilio or having a RUT is not enough.

In the end we were allowed to leave Chili, but in Ushuaia we were only allowed 6 days and in Cerro Castillo I had to write and sign at the back of the car clearence document thet I  would return the car to Chili.

Al strange to me.

Anyone with the same experience or a solution to this annoying experience?