For Sale: 1989 Ford Econoline E350 RV 'Lindy' in New Orleans

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#1 Thu, 05/04/2017 - 10:12

For Sale: 1989 Ford Econoline E350 RV 'Lindy' in New Orleans

For Sale:

1989 Ford Econoline E350 RV 'Lindy'. We bought the RV two months ago in Seattle and drove it all the way down the coast to San diego, and from there to New Orleans. Has the 460 ci engine which runs strong and silent. Good transmission, shifts smooth trough the gears. The Firestone Transforce tires are in good condition as well. No rust. Cruise Control. Only thing that could be looked at is the power steering, since it is leaking a bit. Filling it up works fine. The RV is about 22 ft long, making it easy to park and drive. Only 67000 original miles.

Interior: two benches and a sofa which can be turned into queensize beds, two cabin beds, sleeps 4 easily and comfortable. Has got a good battery, lights work, LPG system works, water system and radio work too (CD/aux included). Refridgerator and oven should work, but we did not manage to get them working, some basic knowledge should do it. When hooked up electricity works: 6 outlets, microwave, AC and such.
We did use the shower and toilet compartment for storage, but these work fine as well.

The exterior of this wonderful RV could use some work. Previous (it is no longer leaking!)
water leakage caused some damage in the right rear corner, this might require some maintainance.

Comes with: roofcase, cool CD's, tools, camping and cooking equipment, nice decoration and a very nice plant.

It is the ideal RV to go hunting, fishing or use it to visit festivals and such!
Asking price is 3500, or best offer.
Call 360 660 7061 for information and an appointment!

Email me for pictures!

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 02:10

Still there?

Hey Peter!

I'm really, really interested. I am planning to start my trip in the end of june in the US and go south as far as it takes me. Can you send me some pictures? I couldn't see your e-mail adress. Mine is [email protected].

Thank you!