For sale: 1992 Toyota Corolla - Selling in April in Chile

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For sale: 1992 Toyota Corolla - Selling in April in Chile

Hello! A friend and I bought a Toyota Corolla to fly fish about patagonia for a few months. The car has worked excellently in helping us camp across Chile and Argetnina. Not as glamorous as a full rig/van but a really functional and cost effective compromise. The car is in excellent condition,  with 157000 km right now, maybe another 5000 km by April. Car has new Kumho tires with lots of tread and a new battery. While it's age may be intimidating,  it really feels quite new and has been well cared for (it's also a Toyota). Limited gravel travel, limited to the well groomed roads. Being a small car, the fuel efficiency has been exceptional in the 5000 km we have put on it. Regular oil changes and a few other preventative maintenance items as well. Prior owned as a family car in Puerto Montt,  we are the 5th owners. Registered and plated in Chile and we have friends that could assist in the paperwork in both Puerto Montt and Santiago.

Other information:

1.6 liter gasoline motor(4A-F) 

5 speed manual transmission

Power windows and mirrors

Four doors with a large trunk

New radiator and thermostat


$3000 US

We'll be available in Puerto Montt or Santiago the first 2-3 weeks in April 

[email protected]

Or whatsapp: +56995195059

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