For Sale: 1998 4x4 Toyota 4Runner in Patagonia

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For Sale: 1998 4x4 Toyota 4Runner in Patagonia

Vehicle For Sale:

Letting go of our trusty 1998 4x4 Toyota 4Runner (Rita) is like letting go of a piece of our souls.  Truly, she is an amazing Overlanding vehicle. Not once did she fail us during any of our amazing adventures throughout the last two years. Though we would love to keep her, we know that her destiny remains on the Pan-American highway, continuing for perpetuity as a vessel of grand adventures. She will come Overland ready and tested for whoever purchases her.  The title transfer and pickup information can be arranged with us ahead of time. 

The vehicle comes fully equipped and ready for immediate overlanding adventure. 

View Photos:

Included are: 

Mt. Shasta model 2 person CVT RTT
Soft-shell Yeti cooler
2 burner Coleman stove (and Coleman propane tank attachment)
Refillable 30lb propane tank
Installed safe for essential item security (key included)
Bins for clothes/parts/medicine etc.
Fully outfitted wood (treated) kitchen and storage set up (see photos)
REI camping silverware set
Jumper Cables
Vehicle USB phone charger
Portable battery and remote vehicle jumper

Vehicle information:

5-speed manual transmission
4 cyl 2.7 L engine
4x4 equipped
New exhaust manifold
New all-season Goodwin tires
New brake pads and discs
Recently maintained clutch, new OEM Toyota clutch release bearing
Consistent oil and fluid changes
Tinted rear windows 
Three installed seats (2 in the front, one in the back)
Vehicle tire locks (key included)
215K miles

PRICE: $6800 (negotiable)

If interested contact me (Mitch Gilbert) at [email protected] or WhatsApp (1)253-691-8646

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