FOR SALE: 1998 Toyota 4Runner Limited - $1,500 USD, in Santiago, Chile. May-June

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FOR SALE: 1998 Toyota 4Runner Limited - $1,500 USD, in Santiago, Chile. May-June

For sale is a 1998 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4x4 truck. *Engine needs repair or swap* - $1,500 USD. Available now through mid-June.

I have driven down from Toronto to Santiago in it, the 4Runner has got to be the ideal overlanding mid-size SUV option. Doesn't get stuck, can climb anything, blends in, and pretty good fuel mileage, can comfortably sleep inside of it with plenty of space for everything.

**Engine condition**: The truck overheated badly climbing a hill on the highway when the lower rad hose popped off. The engine tries to start but can't, leaks water into the exhaust so I'm quite certain the head gaskets blew. Not sure how much other damage there might be. I have sourced a couple of replacement engines to swap in here in Santiago, and looked into repairs (new gasket kit, possibly some machining needed), but at this point at the end of my trip it is not worth the money or time for me. I hope someone can pick her up and fix her up to overlanding condition again, an engine swap would be simple and should take no longer than a week. The current engine has 413,000km on it, a testament to its durability, and a huge shame that something so simple as a hose popping off due to a cheap metal clamp has disabled it so badly. The timing belt, water pump, oil pump, fuel filter were all replaced in Bolivia and only have ~2,000 km on them, whether you decide to rebuild this engine or go with a swap they could be used as parts for the future.

The Good:

-Canadian plates
-Automatic transmission
-Limited model with leather seats and power everything. Sunroof, rear gate window everything works great
-Tinted windows
-Rain ventguards for all 4 windows
-New Sony radio with Aux, MP3, Cd, and USB (can plug in android phone or just a usb stick loaded with tunes)
-Garmin Drive 50 GPS, preloaded with maps of all of South America. Also comes with Garmin BC30 wireless backup camera that beams what's behind you to the GPS screen when you put the truck in reverse
-Brake pads replaced 13,000km ago
-Rear Diff Locker model

The Bad:

-The engine needs extensive repair or a full swap might be easier - I have sourced two 5VZ engines here in Santiago if need be I can assist with all of that. Can be bought for about 1,000,000 Chilean pesos
-The Air Conditioning popped a leak on me a week before the truck broke down and all of the coolant leaked out, should be an easy patch and refill to get it working again. Don't really need A/C down here anyways.
-The rear right wheel is relatively new, from a Toyota Hilux truck, picked it up new from a Toyota dealership in Nicaragua. The tire on it is also in good shape but unfortunately a 265 instead of 275 like the other 3
-Tires are ok, could probably be replaced if you plan on driving in any mud

The Ugly:

-A few dings in the bumpers, nothing major
-The passenger-side running board plastic cover is a bit chipped on the top end of it, but can't really see it as it is under the car anyways. The running board itself is fine
-A few small scratches on the doors, tailgate. Nothing major

Photo gallery here:

$1,500 USD. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any further questions or for more information/photos!

For my trip I had a wooden platform set up in the back with foam matress (easily convertible into 5 person setup as well), but have given that to a fellow overlander who has just recently started his journey driving around South America in another old 4Runner. If you plan on going this route I can build another platform in the meantime or help with design suggestions. I do still have the 4 plastic storage containers that fit under it to store all of your stuff. Can throw in a 2 burner Coleman camping stove with 4 propane tanks as well.

Would consider a trade for a motorcycle in Santiago!

Imgur album with photos: