FOR SALE 1998 Toyota Tacoma overlanding vehicle

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FOR SALE 1998 Toyota Tacoma overlanding vehicle

Hello All!  Selling a great overlanding vehicle!  We purchased the vehicle from another Overlander to explore South America for a few months.  Below is the post from the original seller.  I thought it would be good to include this considering we will only add another 10,000 miles or so.  I also included additional changes to the vehicle since we have owned it.  We are asking $4,000 USD or best offer. 

Very affordable and very capable overlanding vehicle for sale!

Meet TacoSnail, our beloved home for the past year or so. I choose to build out a 1998 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 TRD for their notorious reliability. The wooden camper was meticulously designed and handmade by myself just before embarking on our trip. It’s not fancy or luxurious, just highly functional.

Automatic transmission with dedicated 1st and 2nd gear
Currently 239k miles (I expect to do ~2k more)
4x4 with H4 and L4
3.4L gasoline engine
Four brand new all terrain tires (plus full sized spare)
US plates makes for a painless full ownership transfer

Spacious wooden camper permanently fixed to the truck bed and completely weatherproofed with lots of epoxy, fiberglass, and silicone. Full sized fixed bed with thick memory foam mattress, solar power, fold down table inside, foam insulation, roof window and vent with fans, gas stove, cooler, all necessary road safety equipment, plenty of storage space....  fully equipped to start traveling!

The Maintenance list:
- New brakes front and back 218k
- new shocks front and back 218k
- new radiator 218k
- replaced old rusty muffler 218k
- transmission serviced 218k
- additional pair of leaf springs for improved stability 223k
- welded extra metal plates over some rusty areas of the chassis 227k
- replaced some old hoses Causing a small transmission fluid leak 231k
- four brand new all terrain tires 238k

- The previous owner had all belts and water pump replaced
- I always do oil changes every 3k

Deficiencies with the vehicle:
- rust underneath (in the rear mainly, doesn’t affect structural integrity )
- lots of cosmetic wear (chipped paint, scratches, dents)
-  oxygen sensor is a little faulty and makes the check engine light come on    very occasionally  (I don’t think it’s really worth replacing - I had the code read by several mechanics)
- the clicking sound of the turn signal stays on for a few minutes after using the turn signal and sometime randomly clicks (you get used to it haha)
- aftermarket stereo is broken but could be easily replaced. We use a small Bluetooth speaker which is included.

Since purchasing the vehicle, my girlfriend and I have been traveling for 2 months.  Started in Uruguay, heading north in to Argentina and Chile.  The plan is to head to Patagonia for the next couple months.  We are flexible on the time and location of the sale but would be looking to sell sometime in March and selling ideally in Buenos Aires but could also do Santiago or somewhere in Patagonia.  These are additional changes to the truck since we have had it:

-new radiator cap
-new radiator thermostat
-new head gasket
-replaced both front axle ball and socket joints
-replaced battery for the solar panel
-replaced brake fluid

We also had the truck inspected by a Toyota dealership/mechanic in Posadas, Argentina.  This is when we had the ball and socket joints replaced.   Everything else was good to go!

By the time we are done with our trip, the truck will have around 250,000 miles on it.


I have many more pictures as well if you want them.  Just having a hard time uploading at the moment with spotty WiFi. 

Wed, 01/09/2019 - 13:26

Your Truck

We are going to be working on a beef farm in Chile near Osorno when you’re looking to finish up your trip. We are interested in your vehicle. Email me and let’s discuss potentially buying it and a good place to meet. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Daniel Pompa

[email protected]