For Sale: 2003 4x4 Chevrolet Grand Luv (AUGUST-Santiago, Chile)

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For Sale: 2003 4x4 Chevrolet Grand Luv (AUGUST-Santiago, Chile)

Hello all!

I am selling my Chevrolet Grand Luv Wagon 3.2l V6 (5 speed manual). Apparently this is the only year they made this truck a wagon. Her name is "Vikinga" which was given to her by her one previous Chilean owner.   She is in pristine shape (except for a few aesthetic hiccups) and is regularly maintained.  My friend and I removed the back seats except for one passenger seat to make a bed that can be comfortably slept in (I am 6'1 and have plenty of space to stretch out). 

The car currently has 159,300 km on it.  We bought this car with help of Suzisantiago, which is a highly credible group that many can vouch for (paperwork, trip guidance, etc.).  We have complete documentation of all of the work done since we have owned it. 

Work we have done since we bought this in April 2017:
• New Bosch Battery (April; tested in June and is still 100%)
• Installed a new head unit that can charge your phone via USB (radio/aux input/Bluetooth)
• Replaced front and back brakes including changing brake cylinders (April 2017)
• Changed brake fluid and fined tuned the brakes (April 2017)
• Replaced 5 spark plugs (April 2017)
• Replaced the back fuel line (April 2017)
• Replaced back left bushings in suspension (May 2017)
• Changed the oil every 5,000 km
• Changed air filter (April 2017)
• Cleaned air filter (June 2017)
• Changed differential fluid and transmission (May 2017)
• Cleaned/oiled the entire undercarriage after Salt Flats (June 2017)
• Changed the air filter, fuel filter, oil and oil filter (July 2017)

• Minor aesthetic scratches/bumps to the exterior (see in pics)
• Missing radio antenna (the radio still works fine)

Engine 3.2L V-6 6VD1 DOHC
• 3,165 cc (193.1 cu in) Displacement
• 265 Nm @ 4200 rpm
• 195 HP @ 5400 rpm
• regular unleaded gasoline

Transmission/Drivetrain (works perfect):
• 5 speed manual
• 4-wheel drive (high and low)

The car comes with:
• 12V DC power outlet
• Fully functional power windows
• 4 all terrain tires
• 1 spare all terrain tire with alloy wheel
• Fully functional power steering
• (3) 20l Jerry cans
• (3) ratchets for the roof
• Jumper cables
• Safety vests (required in Chile) and a few tools (wrench, jack, tire iron, etc.)
• custom wood bed with thick foam as a mattress
• the original back seats
• (2) sitting stools
• steering wheel lock and key
• up-to-date (and touchy) security system with remote on keychain
• (2) mesh window covers

We also have been using cardboard (which you will see in the pictures) in the back windows to decrease the amount of visibility to inside the car (the more ghetto it looks the less likely you will be broken into).

We are asking $4,400,000 CLP. If you have any questions or wish to make an offer, please email me or whatsapp at:
[email protected]
+1 210 287 1212

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