SALE / 2003 Toyota 4runner 4x4 in Santiago

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#1 Sat, 10/03/2020 - 12:22

SALE / 2003 Toyota 4runner 4x4 in Santiago


Just a short post to list our car for the sale:

* 2003 / 4WD / Automatic / Toyota 4 Runner (also known as 5SR) / Black

* Purchased on November 18th, 2019 in Santiago from commercial outfit.

* Revision Technica will be renewed just before the sale. Permiso Circulatorio is valid until March 2021.

* Available by the end of October, 2020 in Santiago. We would like to fly out of Chile around November 25th, 2020, can be adjusted if serious buyers will contact us. 

* Below 149,000km (still traveling), V6, 4.0L gas

* Back seat removed and sleeping platform was built-in. The setup is simple, no frills, but there is an easy access to all, and IT IS POSSIBLE TO SIT ON THE BED (I am 184cm).

* Two spare tires, one under the vehicle, one on the factory roof rack. 

* Only issue are the cracks in the Windshield (2 rocks on Carratera Austral). All cracks are just on the edges and completely out of the field of vision of a driver and passanger. For this reason we did not change the Windshield and suggest just keep going with it. 

* Fire Extinguisher, jump cables, triangle, towing belt, compressor, tire repair sets, steering wheel lock, etc. + multitude of tools & tidbits

* All camping gear we used

* We are Czech/Canadian couple, Den & Vladka, 57/58.

* Our crazy days are long gone + I (Den) have background in mechanical engineering => the car was in very good shape when we purchased it and it has solid & preventive maintenance during our ownership => it is in good shape and ready to go..... 


Paid: Payment made in U$7,467 for the car + U$300 for tidbits

Traveled: 17,000km

Asking: U$4,500

WhatsApp: +420-604-536-567 (Please, send copy to: +420-733-155-836) 

Email: [email protected]

Important: Serious inquiries only.


Thank you for viewing our listing. 


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