FOR SALE - 2004 Ford Freestar - The perfect travel buddy and family car!

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#1 Mon, 02/19/2018 - 17:01

FOR SALE - 2004 Ford Freestar - The perfect travel buddy and family car!

We bought this minivan 6 months ago in Vancouver, Canada and have travelled all the way to Costa Rica. The car is perfect to travel because it has a lot of space and is still not to big to move around in the cities. It sits 7 people and still has a lot of storage space in the trunk. We recently travelled around with 6 grown-up people and all their luggage and we didn't have any problems. It is also possible to transform the back into a bed and sleep in the car. We used to camp in it a lot and are leaving some camping gear with the car for free! For example two camping chairs, a gas stove + gas, storage boxes and some cooking equipment.
We are selling the car because our journey has come to an end and we are going back to Belgium. We would love to give our car a second life!

The car is in good condition, but has a few minor dammages on the body. Recently we had new brake rotors, a new heater core, a new cam synchroniser and new spark plugs. The car got always serviced on time. It is a 6 cylinder 4.2l engine and uses about 12l/100km.

The car is currently registered in Canada and needs to be imported in Costa Rica, but the costs of importation are included in the price.

The total asking price is 4000 USD

We are currently in Dominical, the transfer of ownership will happen via a notary.