FOR SALE 2010 Nissan Xtrail, 130,000km in Chile

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#1 Thu, 11/28/2019 - 09:02

FOR SALE 2010 Nissan Xtrail, 130,000km in Chile

Hi Everyone!

We have “Linda,” our super excellent 2010 Nissan XTRAIL with an automatic transmission. It currently has 128,900 km, and we will probably put another 1,000-1,500km on it. It has a 2WD and a 4WD option, which is great for fuel efficiency. We have calculated the fuel consumption to be about 12.5km/L. We have a bed in the back, but we have the back seats still so it’s perfect if you want this as a car rather than a camper. We are asking 5,800 USD please to either our Canadian or USA bank (transferwise works too)!

About the mechanics of the car:

“Linda” runs like a dream! We only bought it in the middle of October for our 3 month trip, and we fixed everything that was listed on the inspection to fix (we have the paperwork). We changed the front brake pads and discs, and changed the back break pads. We just had the oil changed last week at 128,500 km. The back tires have some good tread on them, but the front tires may need to be changed within the next 10,000km. We have Chilean plates on the car and need to update the paperwork this month so it will be valid until November 2020.

About the setup of the car:

Our setup with “Linda” was designed a little differently than most (making the car lighter, and using less fuel). We planned our trip to surf and trek, so we didn’t bring much with us. Because of this, we opted to forego the bed platform so we could have lots of room to sit up in bed. We cut the mattress to fit the back of the car perfectly, with a bit of storage near our feet on the sides. We have our food bin under the mattress of the drivers side, and our clothes bin under the mattress on the passengers side. All our other gear is above in a rooftop box that is actually very roomy. It would be very simple and quick to put a platform in the back if you wanted one! The car comes with the following:

-The Mattress with bedding, blankets, and pillows (or the seats if you don’t want this as a camper)

-Blackout drapes covering the windows

-Battery powered string lights

-2 large storage bins that stow under the bed

-1 cooler/esky

-1 insulated mug for beer or mate

-Bluetooth/AUX music

-2 plug in car chargers

-A Dolite single burner stove with wind protector

-A Lightweight camping cooking set (1 small pot, 1 large pot, 1 nonstick frying pan, 2 lids, 1 kettle, 4 plates, spatula, and an egg poacher!)

-2 masks and snorkels

-1 collapsable table with 4 seats

-1 collapsable stool

-1 20L gas can

This car is fantastic, and we are so happy we got to cruise through lots of gnarly terrain with it! We will be in Futaleufu on November 30 and then driving North from there. We can meet in most spots in this southern Area, or can meet around Santiago/near (we’re flexible) Decmber 18-22! You can message me here, or over whatsapp at (+12896810695)! :) If we can't sell it we will leave it with Suzi Santiago

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