FOR SALE 4x4 ford pick up+camper (panama)

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#1 Wed, 06/11/2014 - 19:39

FOR SALE 4x4 ford pick up+camper (panama)

We are selling our 2001 Ford F150 Supercrew pickup with truck camper in Panama by the mid/end of July.

Bought seperately in California in January this year, we've traveled in North and Central America in this very reliable Ford that has a complete off-road package and a lightweight, professionally fitted camper on its bed. To make sure the car stayed in good condition, we had it undergo frequent checkups, oil changes, bought a new heavy duty battery, new brake pads as well as new all terrain front tires. The car is in great shape and shows no signs of rust or damage. It has a 5.4L gasoline engine.

More comfortable and spacious than the usual campervan, this camper offers plenty of storage as well as a gas stove, a fridge and a 80L water tank - very useful when on a tight budget or boondocking in the middle of nowhere. With a double bed and a seating area that converts into another bed, there's enough space for up to four people, but it is better suited as motor home for only two.
During our trip we've bought a lot of equipment for the car and the camper, e.g. camping chairs, pots, etc, which will be included in the price as well.


2001 Ford F150 pickup:
-Californian plates and title
-new heavy duty battery
-new brake pads in April
-two new all terrain front tires, all terrain back tires <50%, one spare all terrain tire
-regular gasoline
-5.4L engine
-radio, cd player
-power windows, air con, power steering
-four doors, five seats
-147,000 miles
-extra high clearance, off-road package, 4x4
-spare keys for car and camper plus electric car opener

1999 Seguaro truck camper
-leightweight, ca. 650lbs
-professionally fitted
-three-way gas stove
-leisure battery
-plug and cables to connect to external electricity outlet
-seating area that converts into bed
-double bed
-storage with various boxes
-gas heater and electric heater
-fridge/freezer that runs on gas or electricity
-two sinks and 80L water tank
-windows with mosquito nets
-20L propane tank

With this duo, you'll be able to drive all the really nice (and expensive) toll roads of Mexico as well as all the non-existing roads of Central America.

We're looking to sell the car for around $15,000.

If you're interested, would like to see pictures or have any more questions, please get in touch. We're currently in Nicaragua. [email protected]