FOR SALE, beautifull kombi / combi VW T2, motor new, campervan fully equiped, 4200 US dollars in Brazil, end of may 2016

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FOR SALE, beautifull kombi / combi VW T2, motor new, campervan fully equiped, 4200 US dollars in Brazil, end of may 2016

We bought and furnished our dear combi in Brazil and since this, it is our house! We travel into Brazil with our dog, and plan to do a small tour in Bolivia and northern Argentina and Paraguay. But all good things have an end ...
We will fly to France on 31 May 2016 from São Paulo, so we sell the kombi in São Paulo between the 20th and May 30. We hope the kombi will continue to travel and discover new places in America !

Year: 1995/1996
Type 2
Engine 1600, petrol, 1.6L, two carburetors.
Gas tank 45 liters.
Motor new
Price is 4200 US dollars

Main work:
- Engine: (invoices for proof): cylinders, pistons, crankshaft, connecting rod, screws, ...
The engine was rebuilt with new parts during the trip, and will have about 7000 km in late May.
- New rear tires
- Replaced oil and air filters
- Replaced steering bar

Equipment :
CD, USB, radio with speakers in the front.
Two batteries
A fan (works on the vehicle battery)
A lamp (battery operated) for inside or outside.
The bed (very comfortable mattress true 3-parts with covers) becomes a sofa.
Kitchen two plates with gas.
Carboy water pump with 20 liters.
The kitchen can be moved outside, and comprises a table.
Pans, plates, glasses, etc. for 4 people.
A folding table on the side door (new, not visible in the pictures!)
Large storage under the bed
2 pillows with covers
Covering 2 x 3 meters
straw mat 2 X 1 meter
3 bowls
A barbecue grill
Mini Non-electric cooler (may contain 3 beers)
2/3 screwdriver
A saw
a machete
Etc ...!

vehicle papers:
To transfer ownership, this is not complicated, you will need:
- A "CPF" (which you will also need to subscribe to a phone package, buy a product online, etc.). To do this CPF, you need your passport and birth certificate (translated into Portuguese, but we did not ask us for translation), go to the post office and then "Receita Federal". Within a few hours it was done.
- A proof of address (bill of electricity or internet of a Brazilian; the paper does not need to be in your name). Not difficult to obtain, the Brazilians make it very easy to service in general. If you rent an apartment with air bnb, guests will surely agree to give it to you. Even better if you know some Brazilians people.
- To pay few taxes (about $ 100, I think)
- Technical inspection is to be done by the new owner. They only check the horn, tires, lights.
- You receive the vehicle documents in about 1 week.

Marjolaine Le Moigne
Mail: [email protected]
Facebook: Marj LleMmoigne
Do not worry if you do not respond right away, you do not go every day on the web!

We will be glad to you to make the papers while we are in Sao Paulo (we manage to understand and speak Portuguese now!) To give you some tips, etc.

Sorry, my english is not perfect... I hope you understood me !

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