FOR SALE // Camper Van // Santiago de Chile (new engine!!!)

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FOR SALE // Camper Van // Santiago de Chile (new engine!!!)

Hello upcoming South America travelers,

after some months and many kilometers on the road we have to go home and say goodbye to our buddy „Tío Carmelo“. It’s a Hyundai H-100 and we’re planning to sell it near Santiago de Chile around May.

We bought the car in 2016 and transformed it into a super comfy camper van ourselves. Now it has everything you could possibly need for an unforgettable trip. So instead of spending months looking for the right car and building everything yourself, you can start immediately after doing the paperwork. As we did the chilean paperwork last year, we can also help you with the bureaucracy!

We chose Hyundai, because it’s a very common car among locals. Driving around in a H-100 means that you do not attract attention like in a big rig and at the same time it’s pretty easy to get spare parts. During our trip we made all the services on the 1999 gasoline van and fixed some minor things along the way:

  • starter in October 16
  • small crack in the windshield in November 16
  • new gas & air filter in February 17
  • fixed muffler in March 17
  • gas pump in April 17
  • oil & oil filter every 5.000 to 10.000km

All the necessary papers are up to date:

  • Revision técnica is valid until July 2017
  • Permiso de circulación until March 2018
  • Insurance paid until March 2018

Recently we had some issues with starting the car in the morning, so we finally decided to do a full engine overhaul. It’s a quite expensive repair, but we want to have a good and safe end spurt of our trip, and of course, we want to sell it in good conditions, as the car is adapted perfectly for travelers. As the engine will be overhauled completely, the mechanic gives a guarantee for another 150.000 to 200.000 km without any motor related issues! Here’s the details what is being fixed:

  • retainers
  • gasket and seal set
  • valves (intake and exhaust)
  • guiders, liners, rings
  • pistons
  • main and rod bearings

The car already brought us through Argentina (from the North down to Ushuaia) and Chile (from the very south up to the very north end). Right now, we are exploring scenic Bolivia and we’ll also go to Peru before coming back to Santiago. We drove loads of kilometers on bumpy gravel roads, did some heavy mountain crossings and stayed on hidden beaches — never having a problem with “only” 2WD. Before buying a car we thought a lot about what would be more important — space or 4WD — but now we are really glad that we went for a van instead of a SUV, because of the extra space!

We could do everything we wanted and never felt limited by the 2WD. We drove the Yungas Death Road and the Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia, the Atacama Dessert in Chile and bumpy gravel roads in Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, just to mention a few, and never missed 4WD. Because of the extra space even our dog can sleep in her XL box inside the car :) If you’re not traveling with a dog, you’ll have even more space and comfort, but also with a furry friend it’s really more than fine!
What else does the travel van offer? In the driver’s cabin, there are three seats (the middle one is foldable, has a little storage department for e.g. documents and two drink holders), an old but functioning radio, as well as electrical window regulators, etc.

Between the driver’s cabin and the back of the car there is a storage department which we used to store car related accessory such as a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, warning vest and triangle, some spare parts and tools, a 5 liter gas tank for our stove and a second battery incl. a voltage transformer (AC/DC) — so our notebook, camera, smartphone etc. never ran out of power (it’s connected with a relays, so it’s charged every time while driving, but never taking power from the main car battery). There’s also an 18 liter fridge which can be operated with AC as well as DC for keeping your drinks cold or for storing fresh food, leftovers and so on. In the end, we didn’t use it much but it’s a handy thing to have — especially if you like to have butter, milk or cheese from time to time or other things which aren’t suitable to be exposed to the South American heat.

We call the back of our car our „home sweet home“. There you find a double bed incl. all the pillows, cushions, sheets and blankets you need to stay warm and comfy. The bed can easily be transformed into a sofa during day time and additionally offers a lot of hidden storage space.

In the back there is also a closet/desk combination which is easily accessible from the bed or sofa and another storage department for bigger things which we used to store our camping chairs, hammocks, dirty laundry, … etc.

There’s even more storage space under the bed accessible from the trunk. As we preferred outdoor cooking, there we stored all the kitchen related stuff like the gas oven and three boxes with cooking/dining utensils (plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, cutlery, cooking ingredients, spices, etc.). As the trunk lid opens up ways you have an integrated protection against sun or light rain. But there’s also enough space to cook inside if the weather gets too bad.

We closed the two back windows of our van with metal plates to protect our dormitory from the heat, but you can easily remove the plates if you prefer so. To make the van feel even more like home, a friend’s mum has sewn us curtains and there are also cushions, pillows, blankets and sheets for the bed.

As we invested a lot for the equipment and especially the overhaul of the engine, the car will be in great conditions and we are asking for 7.800€ (or 8.500USD).

Here you find some more pictures of our „Tío Carmelo“:

If you have any further questions feel free to write us at [email protected]

Kind regards and happy traveling,
Alex, Stefan & Lea (the dog)

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