FOR SALE Chevrolet Astro Van 2002, fully equipped, end of February, Chile

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FOR SALE Chevrolet Astro Van 2002, fully equipped, end of February, Chile


We have bought this amazing van 3 weeks ago in Santiago de Chile and we are going to sell it again (around Santiago) at the end of February. His name is Pinguipulli and we never thought to find such a good van for our 3 months climbing trip in Chile and Argentina.

Pinguipulli is thought to get your trip really comfortable with a double bed inside (wide material storage under the bed) and an external table protected against the wind. You can also stay inside the van for cooking and eating.

Van Characteristics:
• 150000km at the moment (planning  10000 more)
• 4300 gasoline engine (approx. 10km/l)
• Cruise control
• Automatic transmission
• Alarm
• Air condition
• Seven seats ( right now we have 2 on, other original 5 seats are available in Santiago)
• Tinted windows
• Radio
• Air bags
• 3 x 12v connection
• Rack on the roof
• 20l gasoline tank
• Extinguisher
• Emergency triangle
• Battery cable
• Spare tire
• Towing sling
• Steering locker

The car was checked in Santiago the 9th December 2014 at 148909 km c/w oil and air filter changes.
At the moment tires are good but if you plan a long trip may be better  to change 2 of them.
Car insurance will expired the 31st of March 2015.

Van preparation
• 190 x 120 x 40cm wooden bed with 15cm mattress, pillows, sheets and blanket
• 80x90 cm table at the back
• 2 chairs
• Cooking box with everything for 2 people (just bought… see photos for detail)
• 2 boxes for food storage
• 1 cooler 24l
• Grill

Asking price is 5900€ (OBO)

You can write us for any information at [email protected]

Ale e Cla


More pictures

cooking box

back view



food box


right view


inside 2

Thu, 01/15/2015 - 03:54




We are looking for buy one car in southamerica and we have visit your post. We are interested in your vehicle but we think that the price it's a little high for us. Another thing it's that you are in Chile and we don't want to start here our travel, maybe we can meet in another country like Perú or Bolivia, could be possible?

Sure we can understand.

I'm waiting your answer