For Sale in CHILE between Santiago and Punta Arenas: 4x4 Hyundai Galloper II Exceed (inbuilt bed and roof box) – in April/May

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For Sale in CHILE between Santiago and Punta Arenas: 4x4 Hyundai Galloper II Exceed (inbuilt bed and roof box) – in April/May

We are a German couple finishing our Chile/Argentina road trip in April or May and searching for a new owner of our beloved white Jeep. The Hyundai Galloper II is higher than the most 4WD which allows you to sit nearly straight on the bed (more comfortable on rainy days). Thanks to the big roof box and a good organization under the bed there is enough space to store all your stuff and the camping equipment.

It has some signs of use on the outside from travelling around South America (two German travelers as previous owners and before that it was owned by a Chilean family in Santiago) but nothing to have a bad feeling about. The regular checks and the oil changes are done frequently (there is a list, continued by every owner) and we just renewed all tires, all brakes and all oils. Therefore there are no big upcoming investments for a long time and you would be ready to go.

About the car:

  • Hyundai Galloper II Exceed 2001
  • 7-Seater (the back seats are removed for the bed construction, but still exist if you need them)
  • 215.000 km (guessed for may)
  • 140 HP, powerful V6 gasoline motor
  • Automatic with 3 drive modes: high, low, descend
  • Fan belt changed by 185.000 km
  • New tires by 208.000 km
  • New brakes by 208.000 km
  • Chilean plate (easy paperwork, we went through the selling process and can help you now)


  • Spare wheel
  • Jumpstart cables
  • Tire compressor
  • 20 liter petrol canister
  • Radio (AUX and USB)
  • In built bed with 135x180 mattress (for taller persons you can just put the front seats a bit forward)
  • Curtains around the bed and mosquito net for the windows to open them at night
  • All the camping gear you need: table, chairs, solar shower, gas cooker, etc. (all the stuff we bought and stored in the car you can see on the last photo)

The only small things that are not totally fine are:

  • one of the four locks at the roof box is not working, but you can still close it properly (we always have things in it and it is totally fine)
  • the window opening system of the right back window is not working and sometimes you have to be a bit patient with the driver window
  • the right side mirror is fixed with some duck tape, was also totally fine with us and got the revision technica without troubles (perhaps we find a new one until the selling but we can’t promise)


We are planning to sell our car between Santiago and Punta Arenas but we are still flexible about the location. Just tell us where you want to start!
Price: 4750 €/ 5900 $ (negotiable)
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more informations or pictures! 

All the best, Patrick and Andrea
WhatsApp: +49 176 84842947
E-Mail: [email protected]

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