For sale : Combi VW of 1989, in amazing mechanical state

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For sale : Combi VW of 1989, in amazing mechanical state

The end of our trip in South America is near, and it is with sadness that we have to sell our beautiful house on wheels. Our « 4WD combi » as we like to call it, has brought us nearly everywhere, even a lot of dirt roads thanks to his high clearance. Only a few places were still inaccessible without a true 4WD.

The combi is in a perfect state. Every mechanics we have met were impressed by his « estado de salud ». We also have learnt a lot on mechanic, quite easy on old motors such as this one. We will be happy to share our knowledge and experiences with the next owners. We also have a book (in english) specific and very complete to learn the mechanic of old VW, that we will give with the car.

General informations :

  • 1989
  • Air-cooled
  • Electronic ignition
  • Gasoline (10L/100)
  • Manual gearbox
  • Average speed : 80km/h
  • 1600 cm3 ; carburetor bigger than the original one (allows to go high in altitude without any problem (at the time of writing we are in Potosi in Bolivia at 4000m !))
  • At current time with 22 000 km, should be around 25 000 km once back in Santiago


Mechanic :

  • Reconditioning of the motor, replacement of cylinder heads and pistons (August 2017)
  • New shock absorbers (with gas, high quality, perfects for the dirt roads; January 2018 )
  • Replacement of the steering system and column (January 2018)
  • Repair of the exhaust system (January 2018)
  • New coil (Bosch, haut efficiency ; July 2018)
  • Reconditioning of the valves (July 2018)
  • Reconditioning of the gearbox (July 2018)
  • New alternator (55 W ; July 2018)
  • Reconditioning of the starter and the solenoid (July 2018)
  • Repair of the dashboard, indicator lights, and electrical system of the motor (July 2018)

As so there shouldn’t be any major problems in the years to come ! ;)


Other :

  • Adding of a second battery (with switch to connect/disconnect both batteries)
  • Solar panel of 100W (works very well even without direct sunlight) with regulator
  • Locks “fallebas” (inviolable) on the four doors and a regular lock for the motor trunk (no risk of break-in, except via broken windows, but it never happened to us, fortunately!)
  • Sony sound system
  • Interior LED lights allowing the interior of the combi to be well lit

Arrangement of the combi :


Interior :

  • Eight cabinets for ample storage
  • A couch that folds out in a comfortable bed (with a large storage space underneath, too)
  • A drawer, a three-shelved cabinet for kitchen items or food
  • A interior table that can be folded or put down over the couch regarding the need ; two other exterior tables that fold out to extend the cooking space to the outside.
  • A cabinet for the gas tank and a few tools
  • Switches and cigarette plugs
  • Space for a fridge, connection in 12V via a cigarette plug
  • Doormat (yeah, very important, it keeps the inside clean ! :))


Cooking :

  • Gas cooker with two fireplace, that can be used inside or outside thanks to the exterior folding tables
  • Chilean 5kg gas bottle that lasted us around three months per filling
  • Silverware for four people, plates, bowls, glasses ; two mixing bowls, two cutting boards ; set of kitchen knife ; two cooking pots, two pans ; etc.
  • Plastic containers for kitchenware (6)
  • French press for two
  • Two 1L flask, two thermos flasks
  • Corkscrew, wine aerator, vacuum pump
  • Portable barbecue grill (with firelighter, meat tongs, fire bellow)
  • 20L tank of water, connected to an electric pump with switch ; sink (water outlet to do)


Couch and bedding :

  • Custom made couch/bed thick foam cushions, very comfy :)
  • Four additional cushions for armrests (two small and two big)
  • Two memory foam pillows
  • Bed linen (sheets, duvet cover, pillowcases)
  • Thick duvet to be protected form the cold of Patagonia or Bolivian altitude !)
  • Curtains to provide privacy


Exterior :

  • On the roof, a 35L water tank with a hose (painted in black for the water to be luckwarm ; if some of you are not too cold-sensitive, it can even be used as a shower ! :))
  • Roof storage box for tools and spare parts
  • Awning to extend the outdoor living space while protected form the sun
  • Camping set with two tables, two stool, a table
  • Shower tent (green, like the combi :))


Tools and spare parts:


Tooling :

  • Hammer,  saw, screwdriver, axe, clamps, screw, etc.
  • Electrical material
  • 5T hydraulic jack, cross, air compressor
  • Two 20L jerrycans
  • Alligator clips
  • Tow rope
  • All the material need to do the maintenance (wrenches, grease gun, etc.)
  • And for security : warning vests, triangles, fire-extinguisher


Spare parts :

  • Clutch cable (2) and accelerator cable (1)
  • Transmission belts (2)
  • Candles
  • Candle cables (1 new kit, 1 old kit)
  • Rotors (2)
  • Coil (1)
  • Distributor caps (2)
  • Black box (1, one of the most important part of the electrical system)
  • Gaskets for motor, valves, and exhaust system (1 complete set.  )
  • Valve cover gaskets (5 pairs)
  • Gasoline pump (1)
  • Gasoline filter (1)
  • Air filter (1)
  • CV kits (2)
  • Spare tires (2)
  • Headight and flashing light bulbs (4)
  • Alternator (the original one, 35 W, reconditionned)
  • Cylinder heads and pistons (old)
  • Etc.


Enough to be at ease for the rest of the travel !


Options :

  • Tent Husky Flame 2, 4 seasons, perfect state : 100€
  • Water filter Katadyn Pocket, perfect state : 200€
  • Backpack Doite 60L, perfect state : 60€
  • Society games in Spanish (Andor, Civilisation, les Inséparables, Jaipur)

We will sell the combi with the technical revision and all papers up-to-date, and with the insurance for Chili valid until the 31st of march 2019.

To travel with a combi is an amazing experience since there is a real community of old VW in South America: they do love combis! It is the perfect start point to meet a lot of people and discover the local cultures with a deeper understanding.


Photos here !


Available in Novembre (date to be defined) In Santiago de Chile
Price: 12 000 €, open to discussion



Feel free to contact us for further information ! (English, French, Spanish)

Email : [email protected]
WhatsApp : +33671231071