FOR SALE : Dodge Van end of February in South Chile or begining of march in Argentina - 4900€

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FOR SALE : Dodge Van end of February in South Chile or begining of march in Argentina - 4900€


We are a french couple currently travelling through Chili and Argentina with our Dodge van. This american car is really strong and reliable. We drove it from Santiago de Chili, are now in El Calafate, and plan on selling it in south of Chile (Punta Arenas) at the end of February or anywhere between Puerto Madryn, Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires at the begining of March. 

It is not a 4x4 but it can go almost anywhere and we have been through really rough road with it without any problems. The previous owners drove from America to all south America with it so there is no problem to pass the borders with it.
The car is quite big so it impress other drivers which can be useful sometimes. However it is easy to drive it and it can enter parking and ferry.

Concerning the basics:

  • 164 000 miles so far (262 000km)
  • Oil Engine V8 5.2L
  • Fuel consumption ~ 15L/100km
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Tank 120L (Long range trips). We also have 2 fuel tank of 20L, just in case.

It was already equipped with a bed when we bought it, but it was really basics. Thus we worked on it for some days and now it is a really confortable home on wheels. The bed (190x140cm) can be converted into a couch and there is plenty of storage spaces. The walls and ceiling are all covered of wood with insulation behind
thus we have never been cold so far. In case of hot weather, the car has Air con.

We sell it along with all the stuff inside, there is all you need to have an awesome travel :

  • 2 Spare Wheel
  • 2 water tanks 5L + 1 water tank 6L (easier to handle than a 20L tank)
  • 2 oil tanks 20 L
  • Plenty of tools
  • Diverse materials & Replacements parts for emergencies (light bulbs, water system, ...)
  • A converter that allow to charge a computer and 2 phones while driving.
  • 1 stoves
  • Solar shower (20L)
  • Cooking equipments (2 pans, 1 frying pan, cutlery, 4 plates ...)
  • 2 flexibles chairs
  • 1 small flexible table
  • 2 tarps
  • Grill for cooking great parilla. The cost of the meat here is really low and we enjoy a good barbecue almost everyday. Moreover, we have a special place to store wood and carbon.
  • Aid Kit
  • A lonely Planet Argentina (in french)
  • Road map
  • Shovel
  • A duvet and 2 good pillows
  • A sleeping bag
  • 1 light that can be charged through USB
  • 3 lights on the ceiling that works with batteries. These allow to have light inside the car even when you don't drive for some days.
  • 1 extension cable with adaptator
  • Strings attached to ceiling to hang clothes and make them dry.
  • Of course all our advices and tips

We build the car in such a way that you can access everything from the inside. This is really useful when the weather outside is bad (too cold, windy or raining).

On mechanical aspects, we are checking monthly with mechanics along the road as we go through difficult and dusty roads. The engine runs perfectly, we checked it with computer, everything is fine. Also the previous owners replaced the water pump, 2 wheels, oil filter and the gearbox. We cleaned the injection and changes somes sensors that begins to be a bit old. Mechanics always told us that everything seems fine and that the car is good.

Again a big advantage of this car : it is an american one. The procedure to sell it is the easiest one, only a firm and the sale is done. The car can be yours in one day (way easier than the RUT in chili that need 2 / 3 weeks to be obtained).

We want to sell it 4900€.

The reasons for a price so low :

  • The car is quite old (model of 2000)
  • The exterior of the car is not pretty, with scratch and bum.

However both of these do not prevent it from running perfectly and we prefer selling it at a good price rather than paying hundreds of euros for just aestetics reasons. Moreover, it makes the car looks more "local" and draw less attention to it.

Do not hesitate to specify if you have a Revolut account. It would simplify a lot the bank transfer.

We would be happy to answer any question you may have or send you other pictures.

Have a nice day


My email address : [email protected]