For Sale - Fiat Doblo Maxi CAMPERVAN. beautiful & spacious

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For Sale - Fiat Doblo Maxi CAMPERVAN. beautiful & spacious

Feeling like you're done with the quarantine and want to travel South America? You have found the perfect vehicle to do it!

For sale is a converted Fiat Doblo Maxi - beautiful and very functional with loads of storage


Car: Fiat Doblo Maxi
Year: 2006
Engine: 1.9  Multijet
Location: Argentina (Cordoba/Buenos Aires)
Time: now - October
Type of sale: Title Transfer
Plates: Polish (Europe)
Mileage: VDO reads 213 000 km
Fueltype and usage: 8l - 10l/100km, diesel

Price: 12.000 US$

Hello all,

I am selling my house on wheels and I do not do this lightly. I wanted to travel the whole South America in my very spacious Fiat Doblo Maxi but due to my family situation I need to cut my travel short and return to Europe.

If it was only for few months I'd left the van here with friends and resume the trip. Unfortunately I'll be gone for a year hence the decision to sell my house.

I write that it's my house because I live in it full time since April 2019. I converted it myself in London and lived there for six months (#stealthvanlife ;)) before shipping it to Argentina.

I took a lot of time designing the interior to be both practical and beautiful. It is not allowed to sit outside your van and cook or chill out on your folded chair on streets of London ;) For this reason I made sure that it's comfortable to spend time inside even for longer periods of time comfortably.

Some of the features:
- BED is 90cm x 190cm (35.4" x 74.8") and it can be transformed into a couch. I can sit up straight on the bed or couch without touching the ceilling.

- MATTRESS: 10cm (4") thick hard foam mattress. Divided into 3 sections and each one has it's own cover made of water resistant fabric to protect the mattress and for ease of cleaning

- INSULATION. Van is completely insulated with styrodur and reflectics (the better one: aluminium layear on both sides of the insulating foam). Highly important in cold and warm conditions! In cold it will keep you warm and in hot it will keep the heat out. Imagine how hot it would have been inside if left in the sun for even an hour without the insulation!

- VENTILATION - I've used Fantastic Fan model 2250 - with thermostat, reversible air flow, 3 fan speed selections, low amp draw (model without automatic switch off if it detects moisture - highly desireble not to have this as it will not turn out on you while you are boiling water inside the van or cooking onions and garlic..)

- ELECTRICITY: auxilary 130amp AMG battery + relay kit to charge it while driving and not drain the starter battery while the engine is off. 4 USB ports and 1 lighter power port. LED strip with a dimmer.

- 350W pure sine inverter although I have actually never used it. I power all my electrics throgh 12V system (even the laptop I'm writting this on). Buy all your chargers to run on 12V, it will save time and energy. Oh, and buy it before you come here as it's definitely much cheaper outside Argentina!

- STORAGE: huge ammount of storage space available: 10 deep drawers with different depth for better space management, few deep cupboards, space under the bed, roof terrace

- KITCHEN: huge countertop, sink and beautiful fossit, 30l water containers with big opening for easy cleaning, water pump, outdor shower solution utilizing same water pump, travel cooking stove allowing for cooking inside or outside

- HEATING: diesel heater - something you don't need in the middle of summer in Buenos Aires but it comes in handy when you go all the way down to Ushuaia. The weather over there can be brutal and change very quickly even in summer. Heater is desired in higher parts of the Andes during night time as well.

-  countertop made of 5cm (2") oak boards with epoxy river flowing in between <3 I am especially proud of it as it took a lot of time to make and was definitely not cheap! Stunning during nighttime when you switch on lights that run under the countertop!

- magnetic privacy courtains made with the same reflectics - black fabric facing outside, white inside to keep it nice and feeling spacious even during nightime

- courtain separating living space and driving space - in 2 peaces, insulated and detachable
- front passanger seat facing the living space to open up the inside even more and for an additional seating if you have guests. The dividing courtain needs to be taken off for this ;) I have driven with people that sat in that seat facing the wrong way and the police had no problem with that whatsoever. If you are concerned about this though I can put that seat the correct way, no problem.

- ROOF TERRACE: for extra storage and/or stargazing

When you purchase the van you will also get all kinds of tools for building things and all my kitchen utensils,pans, pot, spices, tuppawere. Stuff for the car like a car tyre pump, spare fuses etc.

I will also include an inflatable kayak/boat that I've bought just before quarantine so I used it only once to test it out.

Mechanically the van is in great condition. No leaks, no problems. I've been changing the oil and oil filter regurally every 10 000km. Last oil and filter change was 3 000km ago.

Feel free to send me a message over WhatsApp if you have questions or you'd like some more photos and I'll be happy to reply. Number is: +44 7715 367 266

some photos feature my bike as I love cycling. The bicycle DOES NOT come with the van. I might sell it but this is a seperate case.


All the best, Joanna

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