FOR SALE Ford Expedition 2007 in Chile or near oct-nov 2018

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#1 Fri, 09/28/2018 - 10:48

FOR SALE Ford Expedition 2007 in Chile or near oct-nov 2018


After over a year driving through the Americas, we have to let go our home on wheels. It was bought in Quebec, Canada which allows for title transfer or you can buy with a poder.

This is the SUV version built on the platform of the famous Ford F-150, all mechanics are shared. One of the reasons we chose it is because the F-150 is everywhere so mechanical parts are easy to find in every country. The truck is very capable (300hp) and has been converted to allow for a couple to live, sleep and cook inside (we stay in hotels maybe one day in a month). It also doesn't look like an RV so allows for stealth camping in big cities. Last, it has a very comfortable ride (leather seats, power adjustable seats and pedals, etc).

Price is US$10.000 for the truck fully equipped (as we used it), but negotiable. If you don't want the gear we can talk about a lower price.

There is more detailed info in this web page:

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Thu, 01/10/2019 - 08:36

We bought it and loved it!

We bought it and loved it! but,
Are you still looking for a reliable vehicle that is built out for van camping / eating / storage? We bought this vehicle off of this site, and regretfully our trip is coming to an at the end of Feb.
All specs still the same, but we can drop the price since it's been used some more. Inquire if interested.
~Brad and Emily