For sale ! Ford F-150 with canopy / march 2018 / Chile / Argentina

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For sale ! Ford F-150 with canopy / march 2018 / Chile / Argentina


march 2018 Chile/Argentina 

Ford F150 XL Pickup Truck + Canopy

//year 2002
//cylinders V6
//~190.000 km
//long box
//3 seats
//belly bars to fix a camper

//matrace, pillows, duvets, blankets
//stove with two burners
//40lb + 5lb propane tanks
//cooling box
//pots, pan, bowls, etc
//plates, glasses, cups, etc
//cutlery, cooking cutlery
//foldable sink
//solar shower
//3 camping chairs
//compact table coleman 70x70cm
//air matrace + air pump
//two big raintarps
//storage boxes


US $ 5000


We are selling our lovely George - a Pickup F150, fully equipped with a small and cosy home in the truck bed!
We travelled eleven months with him, from Canada to Patagonia but now our trip comes to an end. We bought the truck in Canada, it has BC-plates and now we want to sell it with a poder, so that you can travel with it and cross the borders.

The pickup has a long bed and contains everything what you'll need for your travels - a bed, cooking equipment and a lot more.

We built a bed in there and also a lot of storage underneath it. We also really love our rear 'door' - it converts easily to a countertop like surface in a kitchen or to a comfortable porch where you can enjoy a drink after a long driving day. All in all it's really cosy, but on the same hand great to drive.
George doesn't have 4WD, but we have never had any problems with that and we could easily drive each road we wanted to - also with a huge camper on top we had till Costa Rica.
George has been amazing for our hole trip and if you decide rather to travel with a truck camper, you can do that easily!

We are pretty flexible and can sell the car either in Chile or Argentinia.

If you are interested or want to get more details let us know!

mail : [email protected]

whatsapp (Chile) : +56 991237574

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