For sale: Ford Transit Connect T230L Van 1,8TDCI 81kW diesel mini camper van.

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#1 Sun, 04/20/2014 - 17:36

For sale: Ford Transit Connect T230L Van 1,8TDCI 81kW diesel mini camper van.

My Ford Transit Connect is for sale. I am now in Cusco, Peru [april 20th]
My small Ford Transit Connect T230L Van 1,8TDCI 81kW diesel minivan is for sale.
I drive with Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles plates. So no road taxes, no worries at country borders, and in Argentina you can buy cheap insurance with Liberty Seguros for Mercosul. Insured for Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. But I have driven without any problem. The police just checks it as a foreign driver with foreign car. It was never easier to drive around any continent. It is the smaller version of the Ford Transit and from 2008. At this moment it has about 82.000 km on its odometer and for a diesel that is nothing. It could easily run to 300.000 plus km.
Doesn't use oil, and doesn't runs hot.
I have received numorous compliments from other overlanders on the nifty design and usefullness.

You might want to consider this because;

it's cheaper at peaje - normal car charges
cheaper in insurance and fuel costs - it runs economical at 1 liter per 12 km!
back windows are tinted and with curtains you are invisible because it doesn't look like a camper, just a small minivan, park it anywhere and sleep in it without anybody bothering you, not even police that might like to hassle campers.
it has a Thule roof rack that is detachable, but if you need the extra space...
a little larger radial tires for that extra road clearance
2 meter long bed, 80 cm wide and expandable to 140 cm
lots of space underneath the bed with plastic boxes for clothing and gear
extra cabinet for food and cooking utilities, with fold down eating/computer table
12, 24 and 220 volts Waeco coolbox [compressor refrigerator]
fold down cooking board.


good radial tires - a little larger for extra road clearance
new spare tire - original size
original jack, spare heavy duty jack
new rear oil damper shocks, heavy duty with stone reflectors for better road clearance and driving stability
new preheating glowplugs [april '14]
intercooler cleaned [april '14]
Waeco coolbox - compressor type 12v/24v/220v with adapter
2x 12v - 220v adapters
cooking gear - pans, etc.
gas [camping]cannisters and small foldable burner and small gas light for same gas cannisters
mattress and extending mattress
plastic storage boxes
extra large diesel fuel cannister
water cannister
Thule roof rack detachable small so it fits inside under the bed
fire extinguisher
safety triangle
medical box
spare lights, etc
jumper start cable
lots of other extras

Check my website for photos or at my Google Plus album. (you need a Google account for this) Reach me at my email address: [email protected] Selling around end of April preferably in Medellin, Colombia but other cities or countries are certainly negotiable Asking price US $ 8500,-- o.n.b.o. Ford Transit Connect