FOR SALE, fully equipped camper van in Chile (NOW / DECEMBER) /// NEW ENGINE /// 7000 EUR // 8200 USD

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FOR SALE, fully equipped camper van in Chile (NOW / DECEMBER) /// NEW ENGINE /// 7000 EUR // 8200 USD

After traveling through Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina I’ll be saying goodbye to my beloved home on wheels. It’s a Chilean plated Hyundai H-100 and it will be available in December in Santiago de Chile.

********** NEW ENGINE **********

- Gasoline, 2.3 engine
- Will have 23 000 km on the new engine, 293 000 km on the chassis
- May 2017 the car got a full engine overhaul by a professional engine mechanic. They assured us that we would travel without any mechanical problems and the engine mechanic guarantee another 150.000 to 200.000 km without any motor related issues. Here are the details of what was fixed:
- Retainers
- Gasket and seal set
- All the valves (intake and exhaust)
- Guiders, liners, rings
- Pistons
- Main and rod bearings

********** OTHER MECHANIC HISTORY **********
- Buit in 1999
- Fuel consumption between 9,5 and 12,5L/100km, depending on driving altitude / type of road
- New starter motor (October 2016)
- Fixed small crack in the windshield (November 2016)
- New gas & air filter (February 2017) and cleaned once every month
- Fixed muffler (March 2017)
- New gas pump (April 2017)
- New hydraulic pump (May 2017)
- New relays for second battery (June 2017)
- New second battery (November 2017)
- New cables for the clutch and gearbox so it shifts smoothly (July 2017)
- New spark plugs (November 2017)
- Oil & oil filter at least every 5000 km

The chassis has some wear and tear. In Chile it is a very common car among locals. Driving around in a H-100 means that you do not attract a lot of attention and can be discrete when parking and camping. Another advantage is that spare parts are readily available.

********** THE INTERIOR **********

The interior has everything you could possibly need for an unforgettable trip!

- In the driver’s cabin, there are three seats (the middle one is foldable and has a little storage space and two drink holders)..
- Between the driver’s cabin and the back of the car there is storage space where we store car related accessories.
. New Sony Bluetooth Radio (September 2017)
- New Sony 2x35W Speakers
- 2x 2.1 A USB Plugs

In the back of the van you find a double bed (custom thick foam mattress). There are 2 pillows, sheets and blankets for warm and comfy nights. I closed the two back windows of the van with metal plates. This improves insolation and protection from the heat, cold, and light.

The bed can be easily transformed into a sofa during the day and there is a lot of hidden storage space underneath the bed. This storage is easily accessible even when it is in the “bed configuration”.

On the side, there are two 33X22x50 fabric baskets. I used them as storage for all my clothes. Underneath this closet is another large storage area for bigger things like camping chairs, a camping table, etc. Above this there is fake wood with holders for a guitar and an extinguisher.
At the back there is storage space for cleaning stuff and a shelf with 2x2.1 A USB Plugs.

On the other side there is a big LED ring that provides enough light to cook when it is dark. Its covered with corrugated plastic which is covered with wine-labels. In the middle there is a clock.

Behind the front-seats are 2 big boxes for storage and 2 power sockets.

The back door can be opened from the inside.

The kitchen, food and cooking utensils are stored in the trunk. There is a foldable table that allows to cut veggies and comfortable cooking/eating. As the trunk lid opens upwards you have an integrated protection against sun or rain. But there’s also enough space to cook inside if the weather gets too bad. There’s an 18-liter fridge which can be operated with AC as well as DC for keeping your drinks cold or for storing fresh food.


On the top of the van is a big new costum made roof rack. There are 2 ca45L water pipes on each side. There are also 2 extendable metal bars for a hammock or an awning/sun shade.


********** SO WHAT ELSE IS INCLUDED? **********


- Fire extinguisher (2x)
- First aid kit
- Warning vest and triangle
- Some spare parts and a lot of tools like screwdrivers to minor repairs
- A hatchet and a machete
- Spare tire and all the tools to change it
- 20 L spare fuel tank
- Straps for the roof rack


This was very handy as you can charge laptops, cameras, smartphones etc. and it never ran out of power. There is also a lamp. The second battery is connected with a relay, so it charges while driving. It will never take power from the main car battery so you don’t risk a flat battery when you want to start the car.


- Custom made thick foam mattress
- 2 pillows
- Sheets and blankets
- Tinted windows on the back and on the sides
- Curtains that provide complete privacy
- Different storage options for smartphones, toiletries, etc.
- Cozy led lights for reading / watching a movie
- 40 L solar shower
- 400W Daiku subwoofer
- Bluetooth speakers for camping


- Gas stove with 2 cooking plates
- 5 L gas tank
- 2 sturdy camping chairs
- 20 L water tank
- 18 L fridge (AC and DC operated)
- 4 cooking pots / pans
- Plates, cutlery, glasses, mugs, bowls, cutting boards, everything
- 20 L water basin to wash your dishes and even laundry
- Thermos
- Water kettle
- Fruit press to make pisco sour


- Steering lock
- All locks are safeguard security locks for better safety


********** PAPERWORK **********

All the necessary papers are up to date:
- Revision technica is valid until July 2018
- Permiso de circulación until March 2018
- Insurance for Chile valid until March 2018

I can help you with all the paperwork, finding a good notary, etc. I can also give you advice on crossing borders, I never had any problems with that.
I’m asking for 7000€ (or 8200 USD). You’ll be getting a really reliable, go anywhere vehicle and comfortable camping. Ready for immediate adventure once you have the key.

********** CONTACT ME **********
If you have any further questions I will provide timely responses via:
Mail: [email protected]
or WhatsApp: +41799283576


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