For sale Hyundai H100 2004 in Santiago, Chile

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For sale Hyundai H100 2004 in Santiago, Chile

We are selling our Hyundai H100 2,5 TurboDiesel year 2004, with chilean plate.
It was our home during 4 months and it droved us accross Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, through Chile and Argentina. Available NOW (mid April) in Santiago and closeby.

NEW PRICE : 4 900 EUROS by bank transfer on a french account

WhatsApp at + 33 7 81 87 76 72 (french, english or spanish) and by PM!

The van will have less than 349 000 kms at the selling time and the engine will be able to drive you a while too. We made around 15000 kms with it, on every kind of roads. Even the bumpy ones in the Carretera Austral and Ruta 40.  

Go have a look at our Van tour video

Everything is up to march 2019 at the name of my husband. Tecnical revision valid until september 2018. We can help you with this if needed.

The former owner had the engine redo and also a lot of things before using it to travel in the south. On our side, we made a thorough maintenance along our trip (oil change every 6000kms and regular revision), we never had major troubles blocking us during a lot of days. We will be pleased to show you, everything you had to know about the van ! 
Here is the maintenance listing :
- April 2017 (former owner)
Santiago : Engine renovation with change of crankshafts and connecting rods, change of clutch, battery, 4 tires, pump and water tank, timing belt and accessories, repair fitting for 1 225 000 pesos is more than 1600 euros.
- November 2017
Concepción : after a leak, change of a seal in the cooling circuit and draining of the coolant.
- December 2017
Puerto Varas : wheel alignment 
Puerto Montt :  repairing a wheel that was flat with rim cleaning and leaking valve change, changing front 2 dampers, 8 rear axle seals and checking the cooling system
- Janvier 2018
Coyhaique : Refixing damper left front. Oil change and filter change.
Puerto Natales : Change of starter, change of rear shock and driver's door handle
- Mars 2018
San Rafael : Complete check of the electric starting circuit, the battery and the alternator. Change of spark plug ignition button, turbo timer switch, best converter wiring, positive battery terminal change
Drain with change oil filter, air and fuel. Checking the brake fluid level, differential, steering and transmission.
Adjusting the front doors
Santiago : cleaning of the 4 spark plugs, change of the diesel pump, change of a seal of the chassis motor to avoid the losses of oil.

Kitchen access from the trunk outside or inside
Kit cuisine include :
A pot, a anti adhesive pan, wooden and metal ustenciles, 2 bowls, 4 plates, 1 cup, 1 vegetable rape, a tea pot, differents size tupperware, glass container to stock food, 3 plastic crates to stock food.
A 2 fire gas cooker plugged with a 5kg chilean gas bottle (duration with a lot of use 2 months)
A folding table which can be used inside or outside

- Safety shoe for a wheel
- Anti-theft lock
- Safety kit with extinguisher, triangle etc ...

- Crick hydraulique
- Battery cables
- 10L metal jerry can as diesel reserve
- 2 cans of water reserve (10 L and 20 L)
- Complete kit of tools for DIY of the van with screw and nail
- New fuel filter
- Tarpaulin
- Sun visor

PRICE : 5 400 EUROS by bank transfer on a french account
For every additional info, you can contact us !
WhatsApp at + 33 7 81 87 76 72 (french, english or spanish) and by PM!
See you soon!
Pierre and Laura