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Jeep Laredo Grand Cherokee € 7900
Engine: 3.7L V6
Year: 2007
Mileage: 120.000km

We are Joost and Lisa and have been traveling South America for 4 months with this Jeep. We started in Santiago and have seen Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. At this moment we are in Santiago to sell the Jeep.

The car is in very good condition and was inspected by a car company on 16 July 2018. Everything is good.
The inside of the car is very luxe and maintained.
- The distribution belt has been renewed (13-03-2018)
- New brakes at the front (13-03-2018)
- New air filter (13-03-2018
- New battery (9-05-2018)
- New engine oil (2-05-2018)
- New coolant fluid (2-06-18)
- We have kept all the receipts.
- 3 new tires + 1 spare tire have been replaced

Automatic adjustable driver's seat
It’s possible to open the window in the rear door.
- Airconditioner / heater
- Auxport / connection
- Radio
- CD player
- Electric windows
- Cruise control
- 5 chairs, we have removed the 2-seat chair under the bed. We have kept them.
- 2 keys (1 spare key)
- Leather chairs, (easy to keep clean)
- Blinded windows 4 at the front, + 1 at the back
- Chilean license plate (all paperwork in order)
- Cigar connection 12v
- Power outlet
- Lights in the car, adjustable.
- Fire extinguisher

Revision technica: valid until october 2018
Seguro obligatorio: valid until 31/03/2019
Permiso de circulacion: valid until 31/03/2019

- 2 bidons (20L and 25L)
- Roofrack
- 1 folding table
- 2 folding chairs
- Two-points gas stove with gas bottle and connection material
- 6 straps for putting your stuff on the roof
- Spare wheel and tools
- Tools
- Fire extinguisher

Camping equipment:
- 1 large wok pan
- 1 small wok pan
- 1 cooking pan
- 1 plate
- 1 cup
- Cutlery for 2 pers
- 1 large cutting blade
- 2 dishes
- 1 large salad bowl
- Dish-washing brush + bucket
- Dishwashing dishes
- 3 tupperware boxes
- 8 large boxes under the bed for all your belongings
- 1 thick duvet
- 1 thin duvet
- 2 pillows
- 2-person bedding

The bed is made with hinges so you can easily get to your stuff. It’s also possible to take 1 extra person in the car, by folding a chair. By opening the back of the bed, you have an extra table.

Foam mattress dimensions:
- 2.0m long
- 1.32m wide
- 10cm thick
- 56cm high (from top of mattress to bottom of roof).

If you want to be able to transport quickly and have a lot of comfort at the same time, this is a great car. It has a 4 wheeldrive and is therefore very good in offroads. It is a strong car that has no trouble with steep mountains.

Traveling with your own car is an unforgettable adventure. You can go wherever you want and you are not depending on public transport. You will save a lot of money on hostels by sleeping in the car. You do not have to take a tour because you have your own car. The car is ready for a new adventure!

We speak English and Dutch.
Call: +56 972084436
Whatsapp: +31 654666204
E-mail: [email protected]