FOR SALE in June/July: Volkswagen T2 Kombi 1600 cc (brazilian engine) with Chilean plates

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FOR SALE in June/July: Volkswagen T2 Kombi 1600 cc (brazilian engine) with Chilean plates

Hi fellow travelers!

Where our Kombi adventure ends, yours may start in July? We discovered traveling with a Volkswagen Kombi is a great experience. With a car you are able to go wherever you want, eat and sleep whenever you feel like. Besides, by having a car (especially a Volkswagen Kombi) you meet a lot of different people on the road, people from every country want to have a talk with you, want to invite you to their house or family, want to help you whenever they can. These adventures are truly awesome and these memories will lasts forever! We could not imagine a better way of traveling.

It's a Volkswagen Kombi from 1992 (Brazilian production) with the original engine 1600 cc. The car has Chilean plates. The car is especially constructed for people who want to travel and sleep inside their car, to avoid the high cost of accommodation. The car has a bed inside for two people, which can be folded into chairs (see photos). The Kombi has many closets and storage for clothes, books, food etc.

This includes:

- Two batteries. One for the engine, one for inside.
- 12v / 200w battery converter to charge telephone, laptop etc.
- 20 L. jerry can for petrol
- Spare tire in front of the car
- The car got 4 new tires during the travel
- Fire extinguisher
- Towing rope
- Starter cable
- Tent on the outside of the car (see photos)
- Small tent for outside
- 5 kg. Gas-stove + pit
- BBQ grill
- Steer lock
- Sunscreen
- Refrigerator (car needs to be plugged in for electricity)
- Long extension cord 
- Fishing gear

* Permission de Circulation (valid until 31/03/2017)
* Revision Technica (valid until 11/2016)
* Seguro Obligatorio (valid until 31/03/2017)
* Control de Emission (will do in July when we return)
* SOAT for peru (valid until 18/09/2017)

In order to purchase a vehicle in Chile you need to obtain a RUT number. In order to obtain a RUT number you will need a Chilean citizen that will vouch for you, in case anything happens. Many people have struggles with this, but we have a friend that lives in Santiago. So you won't need to worry about that as well.

The asking price is 6750 USD.

Please contact us for more information or photos.

Mitchell and Isabel

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0031624629991 (whatsapp)

I'm only using Whatsapp! Calls don't work. The best way to contact me is by email.

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