FOR SALE: Mitsubishi 4x4 Montero Sport 2003 with ROOFTOP TENT & INSIDE BED in November in Colombia

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FOR SALE: Mitsubishi 4x4 Montero Sport 2003 with ROOFTOP TENT & INSIDE BED in November in Colombia

- Canadian plates: NEITHER WAITING TIME transferring plates NOR HASSLE crossing the borders
- 4x4, high clearance and a strong 3.5 l engine: You’ll make it ANYWHERE
- Rooftop tent & bed inside the car with light sheets and thermal blanket: No matter how the conditions are, you can sleep inside your car!
- 2 gas stoves and a lot of camping equipment: FAST & EASY cooking in any environment
- Super bright LED lights on top of the car: Maximum SAFETY during night trips














We, a German couple, are selling our beloved Mitsubishi Montero Sport in November in Colombia. It is a Canadian registered vehicle meaning easy paperwork and free movement between all South American countries, which cuts a lot of hassle. Will include ownership papers in your name and comes with insurance so turn up and drive away!
The car is perfect for travelling through all the different climates in South America as it has an awesome rooftop tent, but you can also sleep inside the car by building up a carpenter-made platform within 2 minutes (great option if it’s too cold for the tent). It has four-wheel drive with super high clearance (thanks to custom-made, stronger suspension), so it is also perfect for going off-road. It comes with everything you need, so you will be directly ready to rock!
Montero Sports are also very common here so any ongoing maintenance is very straightforward.

- engine: 3.5 l, 6 cylinders
- mileage: estimate to be 217.000 miles at time of sale
- 4x4
- automatic transmission
- fuel: gasoline
- fuel consumption: 10-12 l/100 km
- well working air conditioning (you’ll be grateful for it!)
- super bright LED off-road lights on top of the car
- spare fuel mounted outside of the car (gives you 85 l of total fuel capacity)
- liquids for the car like steering fluid, coolant and so on (just in case)
- well equipped toolbox
- many, many tools and spares (bulbs, wires, tapes, bolts and everything from screw driver to hammer)
- starter cables, portable starter battery and towing rope
- electrical air compressor
- snow chains
- first aid kit, warning triangles, signal vest and fire extinguisher (required by law in some countries)
- new Sony sound radio with USB port and aux input

General overhaul in September 2018:
- new radiator
- new fuel pump
- new belts (incl. V-belt)
- new spark cables, ignition coils
- higher clearance due to new and stronger rear spiral springs
- new shock absorbers (front)
- new bushings (front & rear)

January 2019:
- new tires (rear)
- new battery
- newly repaired and serviced transmission
- new pitman arm (right)
- upper ball joint replacement

May 2019 until now:
- oil change (incl. oil filter and air filter) every 5.000-10.000 km
- transmission oil change
- new steering connector
- wheel alignment
- new all-terrain tires (front)
- new brake pads (front)
- polished brake discs (front & rear)
- new spark plugs and valve cover gasket replacement
- serviced and partly replaced joints, gaskets and small wear-parts
- new pitman arm (left)

Several mechanics confirmed us a good condition of the car. We needed to do only smaller repairs such as the typical repairs due to wear. The car has run reliably and safely, and that's what is important to us. The bodywork is showing some signs of age and has some minor dents, scrapes, and blemishes with the paintwork. This has never concerned us or caused us any issues.

- rooftop tent 2.10m x 1.40m like a normal double bed (mattress, two pillows, blankets) with mosquito nets
- convertible bed to sleep inside (built by a professional carpenter)
- second battery, 220 V inverter
- refrigerator box (220 V)
- 2 camping chairs
- camping table
- 2 camping stoves with converter to accommodate different types of gas
- kitchen equipment (pots, pans, cutlery, plates, foldable sink, blender…)
- 2 headlamps
- awning (3 x 2 m)
- USB fan incl. powerbank (to keep cool in hot nights)

Before buying we debated about buying a campervan but are really glad we opted for the 4x4 option given the state of some of the South American roads.
‘Maggy’ has been great to us and we will be sorry to leave her - she drives fantastically and became our home away from home.

If you have any questions feel free to ask (e-mail: [email protected]; phone/WhatsApp: +56 9 7740 9385). We are happy to hear from you! :)


Robin & Carina
[email protected]
+56 9 7740 9385

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