FOR SALE - Renault Scenic RX4 (4x4) 2004 - Now/June in Santiago - 139'000km - 4200€ negotiable - ~9-13l/100km - not equipped

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FOR SALE - Renault Scenic RX4 (4x4) 2004 - Now/June in Santiago - 139'000km - 4200€ negotiable - ~9-13l/100km - not equipped

Hey dear travellers

I am selling my Renault Scenic RX4 (2004) in Santiago de Chile right now until ~end of June if possible.

Car Facts:

  • Type = Renault Scenic RX4, Dark Green
  • Vintage = 2004
  • Engine = 2.0l, manual 5-gear, 139PS, 4x4, Gasoline = 95'
  • Dimension length = 4.5m
  • Dimension height = 1.7m
  • Dimension width = 1.8
  • Mileage (km) = 139'000km, (I bought the car with a mileage of 125'500km)
  • Body = 5-door, 5 Seats
  • Consumption = Between 9l - 13l / 100km
  • Average range fully fueled = ~600km
  • Spare Tyre and tools to change it
  • Jump start cable
  • lashing straps / tension belts
  • fire extinguisher
  • A/C
  • Radio with CD-Player

Update: Changes:

  • I changed the spark plugs at 127'000km
  • New rear-right tyre due to flat tyre (4 nails on an unpaved road ripped the tyre apart)
  • New windscreen wipers (front)
  • Changed the other three tyres as well, so brand new tyres
  • Installed a LED light for the number plate

Included, if you want:

  • Luminous vest
  • Steering wheel lock
  • USB-charger (car cigar jack)
  • Cool-Box
  • Big blue plastic box
  • White camping table with two benches
  • Portable camping stove

Insurance / other

  • Seguro Obligatorio valid until 31.03.2017
  • Revision Technica valid until June 2017
  • Chilean registration


I decided spontaneously to travel Chile and Argentina by car at the beginning of March 2016. So I wanted to buy just a 4x4 car. Because I didn't want to stuck in Santiago for a long time, it was not necessary for my to have a fully equipped car with bed and so on. Though, it is possible to fold back the front seats. So my travel companion and I slept in the car on the folded back front seats :). We travelled from Santiago, passing the Careterra Austral, to Ushuaia, Puerty Madryn, Buenos Aires and back to Santiago. I bought the car at 125'500km, now it has around 139'000km. On the way we had two issues. In Chillan we had to change the spark plugs and in Coyhaique we replaced the right rear tyre, because we drove over nails (the tyre was ripped apart). The car has normal signs of usage. We never had other issues with the car. From the previous owner we "inherited" a small scratch on the windscreen. Though we had rain and everything but we hadn't problems with that little scratch.

Because everything was very spontaneously we just bought cheap camping equipment. I still have a table with two benches, a cooling box,  a big, blue, plastic storage box, a chilean, classic portable camping stove and some gas leftovers.

Until now, included me, the car had three owners. The previous owner is a chilean family father from Lampa who sold the car to me. He used the car mainly in the city whereas I used it for paved and unpaved roads (Careterra Austral). 

I'm asking for a price around (NEGOTIABLE)

  • 4350€ (Euros)
  • 4950$ (USD)
  • 3'400'000 Chilean Pesos


Contact details:

Email = [email protected]

whats app = +41 79 580 72 46

Chilean Nr. = +56 9 6187 2338

Cheers, Kiran

(Currency exchange rate from the 13.06.2016)