FOR SALE IN SANTIAGO; VW Transporter 2009 fully converted

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FOR SALE IN SANTIAGO; VW Transporter 2009 fully converted


Price: 12500 €

We are selling our VW Transporter “Nacho”, which we bought in Nov 2019 from a local in Stgo (he was a company van before) & converted him into a cozy home ourselves. He never let us down and we of course took great care of him – and we hope to pass him onto somebody who will enjoy the same on this journey through the Americas.

Hard facts:
- VW Transporter, 2009, 1.9L Diesel – very reliable car & engine, no issues up to 5000m and well in the subzeros
- High-roof (we are 1.80m+ and can stand upright, which we wouldn’t have given much though in the beginning but it’s actually SO comfortable long-term. Love it)
- Long wheel base
- 129 000kms
- 90L diesel tank – gets you approx. 1000kms (incl. shitty gravel rds – just missed the 1200kms in 1 go going up ruta 5 recently.. too bad!) + very unnecessarily bought 20L metal jerry can (locked/lockable) on the back of the van (we bought it before we knew about our actual 90L tank.. but hey, you can really try your luck with this)
- It’s not 4x4 but it has surprising abilities to go up and down any but the craziest gravel roads due to a good engine and high clearance – we originally wanted a 4x4 van but are super happy with this one in hindsight as it didn’t keep us from going anywhere we wanted to (except, maybe, sometimes some low tide beach drives. But with the comfort of Nacho, that doesn’t really come to mind when remembering the last 15 000kms).
- When we bought it Nov 2019 (105 000kms approx) we did for maintenance after a thorough check by our mechanic: changed all liquids (oil, coolant, break fluid), we also changed the oil filter, the air filter, the break pads, dusted & aligned the break system, changed the timing belt & water pump (service according to the service recommendations of VW at this mileage), we also bought a new primary battery (old one was pretty small) and brand new tyres;
- On-the-road maintenance: oil & oil filter & air filter change every 8000-9000kms, after 13 500kms thorough check-through by a mechanic, change of all 4 glow plugs with original VW parts (129 000kms)
- He’s a very reliable vehicle, drives smoothly, no mechanical issues whatsoever. He did experience some Chilean driving before we met, so there are the obligatory cosmetic scratches and bumps, contributing to his creepy white van style ;)
- Chilean plates
- Revision tecnica til jan 21
- Permisio de circulacion & seguro obligatorio til march 21

Soft skills:
- self-converted in nov 2019 – you’ll be the second generation of travelers, so lots of things are still new-ish
- insulation: the whole van is insulated behind the wood panels + blackout thermo curtain between driver’s cab and the back of the van;
- solar system: 150W solar panel, 2ndary 120Ah deep cycle gel battery, connection to the primary battery (with main battery switch) which allows you to charge your 2nd battery from the engine for those rainy days; solar charge controller + 250W inverter for laptop, camera, .. charging
- electrics: main light, indirect light above the bed + direct & indirect light above the kitchen, 4 USB plugs throughout the back of the van (+ 5 more in the cigarette lighter), 12V plug in the back for the fridge (all fused, etc.)
- security: went very unnoticed even sleeping in cities, parking lots etc., hidden compartments for valuables (laptop, drone, camera), chain-locking of sliding & rear door possible to sleep with slightly open doors when hot without anyone being able to reach inside, hidden “kill switch” (nobody will be able to drive your car anywhere if he doesn’t know about it)
- your bed room: convertible bed 145x190 with custom-made (real bed-like) mattresses with custom-made zip covers – sleep like a baby even when you’re over 1.80m like us; possibility to extend one side of the bed to even 2.20m, comes with a 220x240 king size heavy real down blanket for cold nights, 2 pillows + all covers; divided from the driver’s cabin by a blackout thermo curtain;
- your living room: convertible L sofa (from the bed) with a fold-out table from the side of the van (cupboard) – easily seats 4lots of storage – overhead + cupboards on the side + under the bed;
- your kitchen: designed to be accessible from inside & outside, comes with all kitchen supplies (full fit-out for 3 ppl), 5kg propane gas bottle Chile, 2kg propane gas bottle Argentina (this one is rechargeable in all of SA) + regulators for stove, 2 stove gas burner, sink with running water (electric water pump), 60L (3x 20L) fresh water tanks, electric outdoor shower, 35L coleman 12V fridge, even more storage for food above & underneath the kitchen; 2x camping chairs + 1x height-adjustable robust camping table; large tart, expanders and magnets to fix it to the car to create shade/protect from the rain;
- car things: all obligatory security things (1st aid kit, fire extinguisher, triangles, high vis vests, etc.), lots of tools to fix your mechanical & electrical stuff (not that you should have to, we only used it for the conversion built so far) in a lovely tool box, 12V compressor, car jack, wheel cross, all that.
- spare parts: spare tyre (locked under the car, still in good condition) + “fix a flat” stuff, extra oil & air filters for your next change;
- other things: 2x12V fan (25W) in the back, games, thermometer (inside&outside), brand new radio (in the driver’s cabin) bought in Jan 2020, incl. USB, AUX, Bluetooth, SD; a yoga mat, brush for cleaning, clothes line + pegs for washing, washing powder & wonder soap (for those stains), mirror, reflectors for the front windows,..
- There may be a stuff we’re missing right now, trying to remember it all, in case you got any questions, feel free to ask. Also, in case you want any more photos.

For a quick room tour of the van you can also check out this link:

The whole thing is in German, but you’ll get the main points anyway I’m sure.
All the Best from Austria,
Katha & Matz