For Sale in Seattle WA: 2005 Sprinter Van with Camper Conversion

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For Sale in Seattle WA: 2005 Sprinter Van with Camper Conversion

$15,000 USD
2500 Model
5 cylinder
Automatic Transmission
Short wheel base
High Roof
Mileage: 246,000
Fuel Type: Diesel
Consistently 20+ mpg
Clean Title

Click here to view photo gallery:

We bought Cosmo from an American family of 4 who had traveled in this van from Seattle, WA to Argentina and we reversed their trip. Cosmo has driven the Pan-American highway North and South and has been packaged in a shipping container twice to navigate the Darien Gap. The engine has always run strong and we wouldn’t hesitate to do that trip again in this vehicle. Cosmo is currently in Seattle, WA waiting to meet the next owner.

This van is ready to go. Starting today, you can drive long miles or stop anywhere to camp. It’s also ready for more customization projects if you feel inspired to build out your dream van. The high roof makes for easy living and the short-wheel base makes for easy parking. There’s plenty of flexible storage space for skis, bicycles, kayaks, or gear.

The roof rack is ready to transport your toys. We’ve intentionally left off ladder access to deter theft (as we drove across 2 continents). Climbers will appreciate the interesting bouldering project (V0-) to access the roof.

The 2005 T1N Sprinters are known for legendary reliability, frequently making it over 500,000 miles. Cosmo’s new owner will be saving $100,000+ compared to a new OutsideVan/Sportsmobile, and in exchange for that discount there are some minor issues to be aware of:

● Rust: This era of T1N is known for rust problems. Cosmo was repainted last year but there are still some areas of rust to look out for (see photos).
● Leaks: The rust damage means that occasionally there are some leaks during extended rain storms. There can be some drips around the windshield, and also some moisture accumulation in the living space. This has been an annoyance while camping in a PNW winter, but prior to that was never an issue.
● Buildout: The buildout is basic and utilitarian. It is functional enough that one could move in today and be comfortable, but with a bit of work and creativity the interior could take on any shape you envision.
● ECU (car computer): The ECU was stolen in Peru and had to be manually rewired (long story). The rewiring was done at a Mercedes commercial dealership and hasn’t caused any problems beyond some initial headaches 15,000 miles ago.
● Winter Camping: We’ve had Cosmo on some winter/ski adventures and it just isn’t ideal for that purpose. If we were going to be doing extended winter living, we’d probably choose to add a heater and improve the insulation.
● Broken oil sensor: The low oil light can’t be turned off.
● Mold: The wood inside some of the cabinets has been showing mold from the long PNW winter.

Cosmo has never left us stranded with a major mechanical issue (although Peruvian thieves left us stranded briefly with the aforementioned ECU issue).

Since this van was our primary home and vehicle for many months, we were diligent with routine maintenance (oil changes, oil, fuel, and air filters) during our ownership. We’ve recently completed the following maintenance:

At 238,000 miles (Nov 2017):
● New set of 4 winter-rated tires
● Replaced front brakes, pads, sensors
● New battery with 5-year warranty
At 240,000 miles:
● Installed new temperature sensor and housing
● Installed aftermarket oil pan heater
At 230,000 miles:
● Completely new paint job for rust prevention (typical rust challenges for this era of T1N)

We can provide service records dating back to July 2015 (180,000 miles).

Camper Conversion Includes:
Basic Wall and Ceiling Insulation
Waeco Fridge
Solar Panel on Roof
House Batteries
Sink and Gray Water Tank
Built-in Cabinetry with overhead storage bins
Expandable Sofa/Bed Frame that doubles as storage chest
LED ceiling lights
Fantastic Fan
Swivel Passenger Seat
Custom-made Insulated Window Shades
Cassette toilet
Road Shower

Other Items Included with Van:
Tire Chains
Model-Specific Spare Parts
Risers for Parking Equilibrium

If interested please email me: tysontitensor (at) gmail