For sale: Suzuki Grand Nomade (2003, 4x4 AT, rooftop-tent) from Feb. 2020 in Ecuador/Colombia

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For sale: Suzuki Grand Nomade (2003, 4x4 AT, rooftop-tent) from Feb. 2020 in Ecuador/Colombia

Hey there!

As our journey comes to an end soon (around Feb. 2020), we will have to sell our beloved car.
This advertisement is addressed to everybody, who wants to really explore South America off the beaten tracks. Besides it’s a good opportunity to travel from Colombia to Chile without having to return the car to Colombia to sell it again.


  • Where: Colombia/Ecuador
  • When: starting in Feb. 2020
  • How much: 5200€ / USD $ 5800

Car specifications:

  • Suzuki Grand Nomade - 2003 (=Grand Vitara with 5 doors)
  • Chilean license plate
  • engine: V4 2.0L Gasoline
  • 4x4 with automatic gearbox (L/H)
  • gas consumption: 8-10 L/100 km depending on street conditions, driving style and altitude
  • mileage: now 185.000 km, estimation at time of sale: 188.000 km
  • equipment: air conditioning, alarm system, central locking, radio, 3x 12V DC output incl. 5V adapter, etc.
  • additional equipment: new bought roof-top tent, fully equipped kitchen, customized built-in shelf, camping furniture, luggage rack, fuel canister, steering wheel lock, etc.

Contrary to the opinion of some bloggers, we were really glad to have a Suzuki Grand Nomade WITH four-wheel drive. Apart from that we would have been stuck or been forced to return. So it depends on your intentions: driving down the worn-out Gringo-Highway or driving off the beaten track. In the latter case, however, you have the chance to visit very non-touristic places. Because the car is really compact, it’s also easy to drive and park in cities.
At the beginning of our trip the car was checked thoroughly by a related mechanic, to ensure that it is in a good and reliable condition. During our trip we always serviced it well in order to keep it like that.

In general, crossing borders with a car with Chilean license plates is really simple and we never had any problems by ourselves, which apparently does not apply for license plates of other South American countries. Instead of just issuing a poder, we offer you to perform a remote title transfer and split the costs, so you will be the legal owner of the car afterwards. Since the car originates from Chile, it has to return to Chile again „some day“ either within your journey or with one of the following owners.

As we spend a lot of time in the car and want to be self-sustaining, we are well-equipped and have everything you need to stay in the middle of nowhere without problems.
For a comfortable night, we bought a new roof-top tent (May 2019) which provides space for at least three persons (1,60m x 2,40m). It is set up and demounted in 5 min.
All the equipment is stored in our customized built-in shelf since it`s important to keep everything organized. So clothes, food and other stuff can be stored easily.

  • Roof-top tent (in really good condition)

           - mattress (1,40m x 2,40m)
           - 2 pillows, 2 blankets
           - chain of lights for internal illumination

  • Kitchen equipment:

          - gas bottle, 2 gas stoves
          - pots (big, small), pan, sieve, etc.
          - cutlery and cooking utensils
          - glasses, cups, plates, tupperwares, etc.
          - cooling box
          - … and whatever you need.

  • Camping shower, clothesline, foldable water canister
  • Spare tire, fuel canisters, fire-extinguisher, compressor, tools, etc.



So if you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

whatsapp:  +43 681 10498825
e-mail: [email protected]

Kind regards,

Sabrina & Michael