For sale : Toyota 4runner 2005, 127000km, JULY SANTIAGO

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For sale : Toyota 4runner 2005, 127000km, JULY SANTIAGO

FOR SALE TOYOTA 4-RUNNER! (available beginnig ofJuly 2019 in Santiago de Chile)

After travelling South-America over more six mounths it 's time for us to sell our reliable, powerfull and comfortable Toyota 4-runner.
We had an amazing trip: we drove through the most remote places, woke up with fantastic views from our rooftoptent and we never had any mayor problems.
The combination of a 4wheel drive,high clearance, normal sized vehicle and a very powerfull engine makes that you can drive everywhere: muddy amazonroads, sandy beaches, rocky and sometimes very narrow mountainroads,...
Toyota is the most common car in South-America, so it's no problem to find any spareparts!

- Toyota 4-runner 2005
-Chilean car
- Engine V6 - 4l
- Automatic transmission with Manual 4WD (2H, 4H & 4L)
- Gasoline
- kms: now only 124000 kms by time of sell approximately 128000 kms
- central locking
- cruise control
- electric windows
- airbags
- airconditioning / heating

- The car comes with rooftoptent. It is the first time we travel with a rooftoptent and we really love it! It opens and closes very easy and fast. You can even leave all your sleepinggear in it.
- It's also possible to sleep in the car. There is a wooden construction in 2 parts so you can use the back seats or you can put them down and make a bed of it. (used it only in Patagonia)
- There is only place for 2 people in the back because we installed a second battery with powerinverter (300 watt) to connect a fridge and also to charge other stuff like gsm, laptop,...
-On the roof, we built a wooden construction like this we can use it for put some stuffs.
- 2 burnersstove
-6L gassbottle (from Chili)
- all the cookinggear you need. And a little BBQ.
- Several plastic boxes to store all your stuff
- 2 sleeping bags, 2 pilows and 1 blanket
- Campingtable and 4 chairs
- Triangle sunscreen
- Rainprotection
- Aircompressor to inflate tires
- Some basic tools
- Jerrycan for gasoline (20l) & water (20l)
- 1 power extentioncord
- 1 axe
-solar shower
-steering lock
-little broom


66613 km
- big maintenance (changing all liquids, filters,...)
- changed the breakpads
- replaced the front and back suspencion
- new battery

94725 km
- replacing right & left front axles and drive shaft

- changing sparkplugs and cleaning injectors

-Changed radiator
-Changing all liquids

-Wheel balancing/ Alignment

-changed 2 back breakpads

We are going to change before selling our car

-air filter, oil filter, filtre huile, fuel filter

We did a Maintenance every 10000 km's (changing oil, fuel filter)

PRICE 8000 €

Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp if you have any further questions:
WhatsApp: +33645909576