For Sale Van Fully Equipped Ready to Go Asia Topic Mid-June 2018 in Chile

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For Sale Van Fully Equipped Ready to Go Asia Topic Mid-June 2018 in Chile

Hello, after 6 months travelling the Andes and the beautiful South America, time has come to find a new family to our best travel buddy: Amarillo, our van.

We are finishing a big loop across South America with this fierce companion, from Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina) to Cartagena (Colombia). Amarillo sheltered, feed and took us across all these beautiful countries and allowed us to spend 9 amazing months, with onboard an accordion, a saxophone and 2 travelers.

Amarillo used to be a school bus during his first 18 years, and since 2016 he is travelling the roads of south America. We are the second owner as a casa rodante. And with the precious help a Chilean mechanic friend, Amarillo was fully restored, to allow him a second life mechanically speaking. The van was entirely revised at 165.000km and we are since then keeping up with a good maintenance and all the needed repairs.

The van has today 200.000km and will approach 220.000 km at the time of the sale. The plan is to leave Chile on the 24th of June, and so to hand Amarillo to his new owner mid-June 2018.

More about Amarillo:
1) Mechanics’:
- Brand: Asia Motors (KIA)
- Model: Asia Topic
- Year : 1998
- Engine: 2,7L
- Diesel / Manual / 65 L Tank / approx. +/- 9L /100km  / 5 speeds / fits 3 at the front.
o Repairs and changes:
- 165.000 km : complete revision with change of all the main components
- 180.000 km: new battery, new spare tire, new front ball joint, new rear bearing
- 200.000 km: new brake system, new gear box.
- Oil change: every 5.000 to 8.000 km (oil, air, diesel (2) filters / engine oil / levels check of all the others oils)

2) Organization
- Wooden floor and interior
- 2 layers isolation: one thermal and another one thermal-acoustic
- A ‘’stay in-place’’ 2 persons mattress : 190x145 cm
- Duvet, bed sheets,  4 pillows, 2 blankets, 3 towels, 3 tea towels, and all the others interior sheets.
- Blackout curtains
- More isolated materials to place along the windows, to isolate the van for hot or cold climate.
- 3 section furniture piece: food and dishes shelfs + camping gaz cooker + dry toilet + 60 liters water container.
- Kitchen utensil for cooking and dishes for 2 (1 pot, 1 pan,1 toaster, 2 plates,2 bowls, 2 glasses,  5 Tupperware, 1 salad bowl, all the cutterly needed….)
- All under the bed : storage units (lots of boxes )
- 1 camp table, 2 camp chairs
- 1 solar shower
- 1 really complete tool box that allows to do all the maintenance and oil change by ourselves
- 1 emergency kit: can jump start the car if the battery is empty and charge devices, has an air compressor for the tire. (to be charged on the cigar-plug of the car every 2 months , very compact device 40x40cm, fits under the bed)
- Good audio set up + USB plugs + charging station.
- LED lights
- Mosquito net designed for the van and the bed
- 1 shovel
- 1 bbq grill
- SIM cards: Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina if interested.
- Gifts: All the parts and oil needed for our first oil change and a mechanic class if you are interested.

The van is ready to go, nothing to think about, just enjoy!

Price : 7 500 EUROS / 9 300 USD (according to the change rate the day of sale)
Payment via electronic transfer, PayPal, bank transfer, no cash please.

Well, almost, all the paperwork for the sale still need to be done and are mandatory. We will help you through the process, and already have a Chilean guarantor for you. In Concepcion that took us 1 day and no stress, and we now have a notary that knows the drill. We would like to avoid the long and painful servicio impuestos and notary of Santiago. So, we meet in Concepcion?!

To finish with the lists, and because we really love our Amarillo, here is our judgement after 6 months travelling and many encounters with others vans:

- Local model: you will find all the parts and repairs anywhere in South America.
- Diesel: a lot of money saved!
- Ideal size: a van a bit bigger than the others that allows a full bed that stays in place: not having to fold/unfold our bed every night changes your life! And a lot of room to eat and cook inside. Fits in every parking and pays same price as a car on the motorway.
- Unnoticed: common and discrete, do not tempt and blend with the local environment.
- Tried and tested, reliable: fully equipped on the inside and the outside for the rocking and dust of the though tracks.
- Robust: we meet plenty of fans of this model that praise on its unbreakable and strong engine.
- Chilean number plates: we exited and re-entered Chile numerous times (Argentina (8), Peru (4), Colombia (2), Ecuador (2), Bolivia (2)) with no problems with a notary declaration. And with our plates we avoided numerous corrupted police and pass through barrage.
- Perfect working order: kept very well maintained and fixed all the way.
- 4x2: not a 4x4 but very high clearance (from the tires), did a lot of rough tracks with no problems, its 1 and 2 gears are very short (like a truck) and that allows a lot of power.
- Self-contained: no help needed to do the maintenance and its mechanic system is very simple.
- Fully isolated: from the freezing nights of the Altiplano to the heat of the Caribbean coast, we always slept well and comfy.
- Elegant: what a luxury to have a drink in Amarillo window bay, in front of different mountains every night.
- A new home: Equipped and designed to live in autonomy, we went very rarely to the hotel or camping.
- Old but fashion: the perfect fit between the charm of an old model and the peace of mind of a purring engine.

If you are interested: [email protected] or WhatsApp: +56 9 9245 3712

Pierre & Lucie