FOR SALE Van VW T3 Kombi 1988 diesel 1.6L in Chile May-June

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FOR SALE Van VW T3 Kombi 1988 diesel 1.6L in Chile May-June

I'm selling regretfully my VW van because I need to come back to Europe mid-June 2015. I've been living in it more than 1,5 years and I've equiped it over the time to make a comfy place to live, and a mechanically sound engine.
**/ the price indicated was the entry price a month ago, but as my flight back is coming soon, it's urgent for me to sell the van, so it's very talkable... /**

Specific Info:
1/ on sale in Santiago region or Valparaiso 20 to 24th may. I'll be in Temuco region from 25th till mid-june, hoping to find interested travellers before!
The car has Chilean plates. The legal process and documents are very easy and travellers-friendly in Chile, and as I've been living more than 2 years here, I know and will guide you to the entire process, and give you useful tips for Chile and other south american countries to save time and money.
I've been filling a little maintenance notebook to explain how to take care of the van, something I would have liked to have at the beginning! And I'll honestly explain every aspect of the mechanic, wether positive or negative, so you could repair any sudden issue before it could get bad. I'd like my “Newen” to travel far and I know it can go a long way.

2/ The Van:
Volkswagen Kombi T3
year 1988
engine:  Diesel 1.6L water cooled 4 cylinders,
Engine type: Diesel (Petrol)
Transmission: 5 gears manual
Water cooled.
Rear wheels Drive (Engine at the back)

Very low consuption 7,5 L/100km and petrol cheaper than gas in most South American countries make you save half the amount of what the equivalent gas van would spend.
Diesel Engine, very resistant, I've had no serious issue with it, providing I've maintained it the best I could (checking and changing oil regularly, checking and cleaning injectors, replacing timing belt, etc.)

Odometer restart to 0 passed 100'000km so there's no way knowing the number of km ran. A Mechanic friend checked the engine state, and comparing with the previous owners listing, we guessed that the van ran 200'000 to 300'000km, but it's a guess no more.

3/ The interior:
I've built a very comfy space based on Westfalia style furniture. The structure had been started by a prvieous owner and I finished and improved the whole. It's been my wife and I's house for 1,5 years so I made it reaaaally travel friendly!
-Many closets and storing places for cloths, food, books, others.
-Removable Table
-integrated gas stove with 2 burners
-sink and tap for water
-Comfy bed with foamed mattress, with acces to more storing places, sheets and blankets provided.
-double passengers seat in the front: 1 driver + 2 passengers in line.
-Home made curtains

4/ The Exterior:
-Big Self made Roof Rack
-3 Jericans (60L in total) for water, and exterior shower system (with automatic removable curtain to have shower with intimacy anywhere!)
-10L Jerrican for Petrol

5/ Electricity:
-12V Power Outlet
-Second auxiliary battery, charging while engine running.
-12V to 220V inverter
-220V Power Outlets x 5
-2 LED tablets lighting the car as if daylight with ultra-low electric consumtion

6/ Camping Gear and Other Equipment
-Sleeping Bag
-5kg Gas bottle for gas stove
-Loads of cuttlery and plates and pans
-Tea pot
-Radio CD USB with 2 brand new sony speakers
-Sheets, blankets, pillows
-Many tools for most mechanic maintenance and building anything
-2x3m blue tarp and 3x3m shading net.
-Many elastic stripes and hooks
-jack and spare tyre

7/ Last Maintenance
-New direction terminals and kneecaps
-Verified brakes
-Rear tyres 20'000km, Front tyres 5'000km
-Checked, cleaned and calibrated injectors
-Electricity full check.
-New Timing Belt (5000km ran)

8/ Legal Documents:
4 documents are needed for chilean cars:
-Padrón or Registration certificate: will be registered at your name.
-Permiso de circulación : valid until march 2016 (only checked in Chile)
-Seguro: car insurance : valid until march 2016 (only checked in Chile) You will have to pay an international car insurance for other countries, I'll guide you to cheap ones.
-Technic check up: valid until Agust 2015 (only checked in Chile)

9/ Some details to fix some day though not urgent:
-Water pump for the windshield is dead. Windscreen wipers are good, just that you cannot wet it. If very disturbing for you, it's cheap and easy to fix, I've just been lazy for this one!
-The Windschield itself has some cracks. They've been stoped and frankly they're very resistant as I've been through gravel roads for thousands of km and they've never grown!

10/ Some pictures or more infos are available on my Facebook : Xavier Pince

11/ Price: 4'700'000 Chilean Pesos. That's around 6'900€ or US$7'900. As I wrote before, this is an old starting price, largely talkable as I'm in Urge to sell it before mid-june! I've made a lot of Mechanic maintenance, and full equipped it myself ressembling Westfalia type VW T3, hence the price. It worth it, but I'm able to make an effort to fit your budget, so don't hesitate to ask.

Send me an email: [email protected] or call me in Chile (+569)64044762


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