For Sale: Volkswagen T5 Oct. 2019 in Montevideo / Buenos Aires

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For Sale: Volkswagen T5 Oct. 2019 in Montevideo / Buenos Aires

For Sale: Volkswagen T5 Oct. 2019 in Montevideo / Buenos Aires

Technical specifications
Model: Volkswagen Eurovan 2008
Engine: TDI 1.9 lts
Fuel: diesel
Cylinder: 4
Mileage: about 160'000km / 100000miles at the time of sale
Mexican plates

We bought the Van in April 2018 in Mexico. Previously, the vehicle had only a single owner, who took care of it extremely well. All services were done regularly.
We bought the van at 112,700 km and converted it into a mobile home, according to our wishes, by the help of two carpenters. We drove it from Mexico to Brasil (where we are right now) without any problems.
On the roof we have a solar cell, which provides power for the fridge, the lights and for charging our electronic devices. During our journey we often had visitors, so we left a back seat in the original  state in the car. This means that by law up to six passengers can be transported (see pictures). To sleep, the back seat is simply folded down and forms the bed. We stayed in the bus at over 4800m. We didn't feel too comfortable at this height, but the altitude has not bothered the car at all. The VW bus is 11 years old and it has some scratches, but nothing bad.
We'll sell the it fully equipped (see pictures), so your adventure can start immediately.

Our van has never let us down on this journey. It runs and runs and runs. Every 10'000km - 15'000km we have had a big service. On the advice of the mechanics in the garage, we renewed some major things: V-belt (124'000 km), shock absorbers front (124'000km), clutch (136'000km)

About us
We are a couple (Vera and Vincent) from Switzerland and have been traveling through Central and South America since August 2018. Before leaving, Vincent worked in Mexico for two years, where he bought the VW bus and had it converted by carpenters / electricians into what it is now. Our journey is coming to an end and we would like to hand over the bus to someone who appriciates it.

We want to sell the bus in October in Uruguay or Buenos Aires (Argentina). At a licensed lawyer, we sign the sales contract together and have a PODER created, which transfers all rights of the vehicle to the new owner. We also offer to drive together to the border, where we make formalities at the border together and introduce the VW bus in your name to the new country.

US 14'500 $ or same amount in CHF or €.

More pictures

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Hi there! We are a couple