FOR SALE: VW T2 beautiful camper van, anywhere in Peru, end of MAY or beginning of JUNE!

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FOR SALE: VW T2 beautiful camper van, anywhere in Peru, end of MAY or beginning of JUNE!

Dear travellers

Our journey will soon find its end and it's time to look for a new owner for our beloved Amelita aka el Huevo. She's an old but strong lady. Amelita served us well and never let us fall. We travelled with her for 3 months and cared a lot about her, as well as the previouse owners, so she is in very good condition.

We would like to sell her at the end of May/beginning of June somewhere in Peru, prefered in the south. We don't recommend to start your journey in Lima, the traffic is horrible! We are not very flexible about the dates of selling, because we already have booked our flights back home.

The price is 6'500 US Dollars, which is negotiable. To be transfered to our swiss bank account.

We will go through the selling/buying process all together. It's easy and we know how it works. It will take 2-3 days, costs for the notary and permissions are up to the buyer (250-350PEN).

All necessary documents are valid and in order: SOAT (Peru), Revisión técnica, Tarjeta de propiedad

Here are the facts about her:
- Model VW T2, 1992
- 2WD
- Peruvian plate
- New engine 1,6L, at the time of selling it will be 25'000 Km or less
- Carefully maintained and regularly services were made
- Uses around 10 Liters/ 2 Galones of gasoline per 100Km
- No AC/ No power steering / No heating
- No soundsystem, bring your own!
- 140W Solar panel on the roof (possibility to ad an12V/230V inverter)
- Second battery for living area with two additional sockets 12V

- Required safety items (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, red triangle)
- Spare wheel with lifting jack and wheel wrench
- Basic tools
- Jerry can with funnel tube

- Cooker and potery
- Kitchen equipment
- Water tank for non potable water
- Camping chairs and table
- A big umbrella for sunny and rainy days
- Camping light for late dinners

- Bed, matress, two pillows
- A lot of bed sheets, for warm and cold nights! And the softest, fake fur blanked you've ever had.
- Two sleeping bags for very cold nights and in case you want to go trekking
- One drawer, and three big plastic boxes where you sperately can store food, clothing and other personal items. There is also one plastic box where the basic tooles are stored. They are practicaly located unter the bed.
- Two coolboxes which can be filled with ice. (There is the possibilty to get a 12V cooler/fridge, the power supply would be sufficient)

As we said, Amelita is in very good shape and it's a once in a lifetime experience to travel with such a car!

Please visit #amelitaakaelhuevo on instagram. We hope that the next owners will use the Hastag as well, so we can follow the history of the old lady.

Please leave us a personal message if you are seriously interested and the timing fits for you.

We are looking forward hearing from you!

Julian and Josephine

See more pictures on our facebook ad:

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