FOR SALE: VW T2 Kombi 1993 home on wheels, in Santiago Jan 2018

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FOR SALE: VW T2 Kombi 1993 home on wheels, in Santiago Jan 2018

Made in Brazil
Chilean plates
Colour White/Creme
No Windows on the sides (more privacy and less attractive for the eye. Berta looks super low key, not like a tourist van.)

Berta is fitted with the following:
1* 14kg Gas Tank (changed on September 2017)
1* 60L Water Tank fitted with a pump and a hose
1* Spare tyre with Jack-up and tools
1* Two ring stove (running on gas) for cooking
1* Set of cooking tools and storing boxes
1* 12V / 220V Converter
2* 12V Batteries: Additional (new from February 2017) + Main
1* Bed (140cm width) - A flap with legs is lifted for bed setup
4* Long led light strips(warm colour) one on each side of the living quarter


We are currently traveling through South America with our great partner Berta, a VW T2 Kombi! We bought her in July 2017 and we are selling her in Santiago (Chile) in the second half of January 2018.

The engine and the gearbox have recently been maintained (from April to July 2017) as other features:
4* Tires - New from April 2017
2* Brakes at the rear - New from May 2017
2* Axis at the rear - New from May 2017

After we bought Berta we did a complete rebuilding of the living space. We have had part of the floor cut, re-welded and painted (anti-corrosive paint). On the new floor we have laid a PVC floor (wooden floor imitation) across the full living spare (good for ease of maintenance and preventing water ingress). We rebuilt the entire interior structure and painted it. the whole inner structure is built for storage (lots of space!), with three separate hatches, two under the bed bench, one under the kitchen counter. We also had curtains sowed, giving full intimacy. When rebuilding the car, we also redid the electrical work inside the living space.

We've never had starting problems with the engine, even at more than 4000m altitude. She runs on gas and her tank is approx. 12 gallons.

Although only a 1993 build, Berta is an old design vehicle and only has 5 digits on the mileage display, so we do not now how many times she has been around the mileage clock in her life. Currently, she is 85000ish but how many hundreds we don't know.

If you are interested and want to get in touch with us for questions or more pictures, our whatsapp number is +44 7478747947. And to see some pictures of Berta in action, Line's Instagram: Linejosefin

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Mon, 09/04/2017 - 14:17

..oops- couldn't find a baby sitter...

..just linking you to our profile. I'll whatsapp you. thanks nina